Commercial Juice Dispensers & Juice Machines

Our range of commercial juice machines provide delicious fresh, healthy juice to your team and customers at the touch of a button.

A juice dispenser will save you time and money on labour costs, ensuring consistent product quality with every serving. A juice dispenser also reduces your packaging waste and enhances your green credentials with space-saving premix and post-mix juice options.

As well as providing all your consumable needs and juice dispenser fruit juices, fully inclusive training, and installation, the Liquidline team is also expertly trained in servicing and upgrading your juice machines, maintaining and improving performance and capability.

When you lease or buy a juice dispenser from Liquidline you’ll receive all-inclusive training and installation, as well as ongoing maintenance and servicing.

We are expertly trained in both servicing and installing undercounter juice dispensers and bag in box juice machines, designed for the hospitality, retail and office space. We also offer an array of consumables across juice, water and coffee, supporting you as your single partner for your ongoing refreshment needs.

Our commercial juice machines are specifically designed to handle regular usage and the demands of a fast- paced commercial environment, delivering consistent and reliable service around the clock.

With over 17 years experience within the commercial drinks industry, our team can provide informed, bespoke, no- obligation quotes on all our commercial juice machines and juice dispensers. Our expert team are knowledgeable and highly skilled, and can answer any questions you may have about cost, installation or the ongoing service requirements of your juice dispenser or machines.

Juice Machines and Dispensers for Lease, Rent Or Purchase

At Liquidline, our commercial juice machines are available on both purchase and lease options, suited for a range of commercial settings including the offices, restaurants, and cafés. Whatever your needs, we have a juice machine to suit you.

To find out more about our juice machines and the right option for your business, please get in touch with our friendly knowledgeable team.

Benefits of a Fruit Juice Dispenser

A few of the most prominent benefits of commercial juice machines are:

Healthy Lifestyle Through Fresh Juice Consumption

Deployment of a commercially appropriate juice dispenser can offer far more than simply a refreshing glass of juice.

Fruit juices contain nutrients and antioxidants that offer health benefits including stronger bones, improved immune system, boosting your metabolism and improving the condition of your hair, skin and nails. 

Since a healthy team opts for a happy team, installation of a juice dispenser can ensure your team are content and productive within the commercial environment.

Learn more about the benefits of fruit juice

Time Efficient Beverage Machine

Time efficiency is key when running a business and juice dispensers can offer precisely this. With refreshing juice provided on demand, dispensers and machines can allow employees to be more efficient within the workspace by allowing users to serve themselves quickly and with ease.

Cost Effective & Increases Customer Satisfaction

With a juice dispenser, businesses will not need to worry about running out of beverages stored within the commercial space. Juice machines work to offer juices and drinks on demand for a variety of settings, from a hustling office, to a cosy café, or even the school canteen. With access to fresh and cool juice throughout the day, you can expect to see a reduction in costs over a period after your initial investment.

At Liquidline our commercial juice machines and dispensers are available for both purchase and leasing, available across all of our products. This can ensure businesses of all sizes can invest in a suitable machine or dispenser for the commercial environment and office space.

Minimal Maintenance Juice Machines

Juice dispensers and machines are extremely easy to both use and maintain. After initial installation, most machines and dispensers only require an annual service appointment to check for any operational issues.

At Liquidline, we provide ongoing maintenance of our commercial juice machines and dispensers. It’s not often that our customers experience an issue with their juice dispenser. However, when they do we spring into action and get to the route of the problem in an efficient manner. Our top priority is to ensure that you don’t have to go long before your juice dispenser is repaired, which is why we aim to respond to any issues within an 8-hour response time, meaning many issues are addressed the same day.

What are the Key Features When Choosing a Juice Machine?

The main elements to consider when choosing a commercial juice machine include:

  • Volume - How many servings of juice are you expecting to serve per day. For high volume areas such as a hotel breakfast buffet we recommend an under counter juice dispenser which can hold higher volumes of juice. For smaller capacities a countertop bag in box system will suffice. 
  • Location - Choose from our range of on-counter on under counter juice machines. Our under counter models look sleek and modern and save valuable counter space. 
  • Number of juice options - Serve up to 6 delicious juice options, with a juice to suit every palate, including orange juice, apple juice, tropical juice and red berries.
  • Integrated water dispenser - Promote overall hydration with an integrated water dispenser serving chilled and sparkling filtered water. 

How Does a Juice Dispenser Work?

Our range of commercial juice machines work by combining concentrated juice from a bag in box system with fresh filtered water. Most of our machines are flexible, enabling you to set the ratio of juice to water and control your profit margins.

How do You Clean a Juice Machine?

Juice dispensers are an effective merchandising tool so it is important that they are properly cleaned and maintained. All our Juicetouch commercial juice machines are extremely easy to clean and maintain. 

On a daily basis we recommend that the machines are wiped down with a food safe antibacterial cleaners and the dip tray emptied and washed with warm soapy water.

What are the Benefits of a Juice Dispenser?

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle - Fruit juice contains lots of valuable vitamins and minerals, and just one 150ml serving counts as one portion of your recommended five portions of fruit and veg per day. 
  • Improve hydration - Encouraging healthy drinking options improves hydration, which in turn can improve wellbeing, concentration and productivity. 
  • Time & cost efficient - Juice dispensers are quick and easy to use, plus with flexible dosage options you can control the amount of profit generated from each glass.
  • Reduce plastic waste - One of the most common uses of single use plastic is in food and drink packaging. A juice dispenser removes the need for individually packaged juice drinks, reducing your reliance on single use plastics.
  • Low maintenance - Clean daily and service your machine once per year. 

How do I Request a Quote for a Juice Dispenser?

To get a free, no obligation quote for a commercial juice machine, water dispenser or commercial coffee machine, please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today.