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Commercial Coffee Machines From Liquidline

Buying, leasing or renting from us is easy, at Liquidline we have 17 years’ experience as a commercial coffee machines supplier. Here at Liquidline, we pride ourselves on the huge range of equipment options we can offer. Our core focus is you and your business and we provide a premium service. Ensuring that you make the right decision when choosing an office commercial coffee machine.

We have an extensive range of commercial coffee machines, including espresso coffee machines. Our range in espresso coffee machines is specially selected based on performance, quality of the coffee and reliability. So, whether you run a coffee shop, 5-star hotel, a large corporate office, a car dealership or even a care home we have options for you helping you find the best commercial coffee machines for you. Coffee requirements for every business vary hugely, but at Liquidline we can guide you through the selection process and help with ongoing management of your catering equipment and commercial coffee machines.

We are proud of our matchmaking abilities and will recommend the most suitable commercial coffee machines with a no-obligation quote to help you make an easy, informed decision on which commercial coffee machine is best for your business. From traditional machines for coffee connoisseurs to our bean to cup coffee machines. Not forgetting our high volume of fresh ground and instant drinks machines, we can provide a real coffee house experience in a variety of environments. Where needed we can also aid you in selecting an appropriate coffee grinder for your business as well and food services.

Besides providing you with a high-quality, fully automatic, professional commercial coffee machines, we also have a dedicated after-sales service and a 97% retention rate for customers – our office coffee machines are some of the most loved in the commercial coffee industry. We offer free all-inclusive training and installation of your commercial coffee machine (for those with an espresso machine this can include barista training), We also provide a ongoing maintenance service with an 8-hour callout response time – meaning we can often solve problems on the same working day.

We can supply commercial coffee machines for lease, rent or purchase depending on your needs. Beyond this, we can help with your coffee supplies and consumables.

What range of drinks do commercial coffee machines make?

Our office coffee machines and commercial coffee machines offer a wide range of drink options including Lattes, Cappuccinos, Espresso, Hot Chocolate and more. We have our very own coffee beans brand Cafe Bonte of which has a huge range of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified coffee, for the perfect, fresh bean to cup coffee and a speciality coffee cafe bonte single origins.

Ethical Commercial Coffee Machines Supplier

Compared to other coffee machine suppliers we believe the perfect coffee is Fairtrade coffee, eco-friendly supply chains and ensuring our work enhances the planet. This includes ensuring office coffee machines do not impact the carbon footprint of your business. With the business and office community now working towards zero emissions and waste, we look to work with you to supply the products which will aid in this.

Our innovative bean to cup coffee machines are designed and manufactured to operate with added green credentials – with the CafeTouch 3600 coffee machine a compact, medium usage option. Our coffees themselves are Rainforest Alliance Certified, allowing us to play a small part in keeping our planet healthy.

Fairtrade is at the heart of how we operate, and we ensure all our coffee operations are organically obtained. Whether for traditional espresso machines or the roasted beans for the coffee itself, Fairtrade is always in mind. This allows us to support farmers, suppliers and help their communities thrive through providing service to our customers.

Our full range of green credentials can be found here.

Guide to choosing a Commercial Coffee Machine

The most popular demand of commercial coffee machines for the office space, big or small, is the automatic bean-to-cup machine. The automatic bean-to-cup machine is a versatile, fast-working coffee machine that can cater for up to sixty employees per day, offering up to 300 beverages and over six options of coffee, depending on the model of machine. This can include hot chocolate and tea options as well.

The goal of a bean-to-cup coffee machine is to make fresh espresso beverages in a quick, convenient way. Bean-to-cup machines offer self-service coffee, without the need to be a professionally trained barista. Every machine has a control panel that allows you to adjust the settings and start/stop the coffee making process with an easy-to-navigate menu and touchscreen functionality. You can have one-touch espresso in the office and adjust the temperature, coffee strength and timing within seconds. Beyond this, many touchscreen coffee machines can be utilised for the purpose of advertising (in B2C environments) or company updates (in office or working environments).

What are the different types of commercial coffee machines

Bean to Cup Machines: These machines can be automatic or semi-automatic and will grind fresh beans for you for each cup of coffee. As with any coffee machines a range of options can be found dependant on the needs of your business.

Traditional Espresso Machines: These are most used in cafes or restaurants and will require ground coffee. We also supply commercial coffee grinders to help with this. A traditional espresso machine is sometimes know as a barista or professional coffee machine.

Filter Coffee Machines: Filter machines are used for bulk brew options and are popular choices for quick turnaround of black coffee or simple coffee with milk. These are often used in cafes, restaurants and offices.

Instant Coffee Machines: The instant coffee machines provide coffee, quickly and easily and can be filled with a range of flavours and drinks types to improve the machine itself. These machines are ideal for care homes and hospital waiting rooms, offices and garden centres looking to supply quick, fresh and delicious coffee to customers.

Coffee to go: These machines are widely used in commercial areas within retail and are designed to enhance customer experience within a business. Perfect for retail environments looking to offer greater incentives to customers.

Nitro Cold Brew: The latest development in coffee that is becoming increasingly popular everywhere from gyms to coffee shops, and even in some offices. Nitro cold brew is a cold coffee poured from with nitrous oxide added. It provides a crisp, refreshing boost to customers – whether in the heat of summer or not!

What are the key features to consider when choosing a commercial coffee machine?

  • Milk Frothing System – Many bean-to-cup machines come with their own built-in milk frothing systems, for those a fan of milky drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. This is ideal for those wanting to have their drink ready made for them, rather than having to be professionally trained to use a commercial barista machine.
  • Milk Pods – These are found with capsule or pod machines, which are dispensed directly into your cup.
  • LED Screen – Many bean-to-cup machines come with their own integrated LED touchscreen for self-service use. They are easy to navigate your way around, choose what type of coffee you prefer and what size you would like.

What the top Commercial Coffee Machine functionalities to consider?

  • Capacity – If you require an office coffee machine that can serve a high volume of employees, then it is important you look for a model with a large water tank capacity of around 1.5 litres to prevent from having to refill constantly throughout the day.
  • Maintenance – Regular cleaning and descaling your machine will help to keep it working well for longer. Look for automatic cleaning programs with machines to make it easier to maintain in the long-term. If your machine needs to be cleaned manually, check whether the parts are easy to remove for cleaning and are dishwasher safe.
  • Smart Controls – Some machines can be connected to your smartphone where you can monitor water levels, adjust temperature levels, create your own coffee recipes and access troubleshooting advice and maintenance alerts.
  • Automatic Grinding – Before coffee beans can be used to make espresso, they need to be finely ground. The benefits of a bean-to-cup machine are that it can grind coffee beans on demand whenever you want to make a coffee. You can also adjust the coarseness settings and grind new coffee for every cup.

lastly, check out our full to the best commercial coffee machine guide.

How long does a commercial coffee machine last?

Depending on the model a commercial coffee machine will last from 1 to 25 year. The lifespan of a commercial coffee machine is determined by maintenance. Much like a car, the more attention you give it the longer it will last. Cleaning, boiler inspections and water filter changes can dramatically increase the longevity.

Lease a commercial coffee machine and buy our consumables and we’ll provide servicing free of charge.

How often do I need to clean my commercial coffee machine?

Low range machines that cost between £500 - £2000 will require daily cleaning and weekly deep cleaning cycles where as more advanced bean to cup commercial coffee machines that cost £2500 up to £12,000 will have automatically daily cleaning built-in therefore cleaning would not be required, if your unsure check out the ultimate guide to cleaning a commercial coffee machine.



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