Vitro S5 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The Vitro S5 offers the authentic taste of the real espresso. The Vitro S5 differentiates from the rest of the machines due to its integrated cup holder, high capacity and secured tray. This machine is recommended in unattended locations. Regularly find yourself on-the-go? The Vitro S5 coffee machine is a fantastic option for your business. The S5 can operate unattended, so you can get back to what you’re doing whilst the machine takes care of your selection. The Vitro S5 delivers up to 12 different selections and the espresso-based coffee is perfection.  The Vitro S5 coffee machine may be a tabletop, but it’s large on capacity! The machine can hold up to 370 cups of espresso, 370 cappuccinos and 115 cups of chocolate. And Distance Selection offers a contactless experience. You can enjoy this machine with contactless payments. 

  •  Out of beans sensor
  •  Water Temperature Control
  •  Water Level Control

The Vitro S Series

The core features of Vitro S are its speed and reliability, so you can relax while Vitro provides your customers with a pleasant coffee experience. The Vitro S series is the most versatile of the range when you’re talking about hot beverage technology. It represents the current diversity of coffee/tea serving and preparation. You can choose the technology that matches the tastes of all your customers. So everyone can find the drink they’re looking for.
  • VITRO S SERIES DURABLE & CONSISTENT The Vitro S range is made for high demand locations where machine limits are tested. You can face any peak service period with complete peace of mind as every single drink delivers exactly what your customers want.
  • MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY Cater for your customers’ needs with the drink they desire, wherever and whenever they want it. Vitro S machines are your automatic Barista – capable of serving your customers the drinks they want 24/7.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS Making a good first impression helps you earn your customers’ trust and loyalty. Every machine in the Vitro S range adds style to any location. Furthermore, the Vitro S4 machine can feature, as an option, a 10.1-inch media screen to display promotional or inspirational videos that will engage with any customer.
  • A MACHINE FOR EVERY SITUATION Every model in the Vitro range has been designed to fulfil the different requirements of each and every location. The Vitro S1 and Vitro S2 compact footprints make them ideal for offices or catering services where space is at a premium. The Vitro S4 Instant can provide jugs of coffee for those moments of high demand, such as meetings and conference break-outs. The Vitro S5 capacity and security accessories makes it ideal for unattended, high-demand locations.
  • QUICKLY READY TO SERVE AGAIN Time means money! The Vitro S range makes cleaning and maintenance quick and easy so you can get your machines back into service.


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    Vitro S5 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine