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Beautifully Baked Border Biscuits

A little something sweet goes a long way…

Border Biscuits are an ideal to keep in the workplace as a complimentary treat for customers and other visitors, or to send out to help sweeten a deal with a potential new client. Also great for employees if you have one of our commercial coffee machines in your workplace – you can’t go wrong with a side of Border Biscuits with your latte!

Two Border viennese whirls shortbread flavoured biscuits in a pink packet
Two Border chocolate flavoured biscuits in a purple packet
Two Border butterscotch crunch flavoured biscuits in a yellow packet
Two Border shortbread ring biscuits in a blue packet

Sweet Treats for the Workplace

The Border Biscuits MiniPack Biscuit Assortment box contains 100 packs of 2 biscuits, with a range of different flavours and textures. Enjoy a sweet, buttery Viennese swirl with your cuppa, a classic cookie, and more. The perfect companion to any beverage, hot or cold – ideal for offices, hospitality, education sector and showrooms.

several flavoured border biscuits on a wooden platter


Border Biscuits are always making moves to become a more sustainable supplier – in 2019, they removed 90% of plastic from their core retail range, and then another 2 tonnes in 2022, saving an immense amount of CO2e each year and reducing the miles driven to transport their product. Their mini packs are fully recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to bad chemicals getting into the waste stream.

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