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How Flavoured Water is Rising in Popularity as a Healthy Alternative to Fizzy Drinks

How Flavoured Water is Rising in Popularity as a Healthy Alternative to Fizzy Drinks

Flavoured water is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as sales reach a record high. It is becoming the latest way to help quench our thirst and is especially liked by those who do not like the taste of water on its own.


The growing interest in flavoured water has shown that there is clearly a niche market for it, from protein-induced water, to spring and sparkling fruity flavoured water. Statistics show that last year, British supermarket shoppers brought 33.5 million litres of flavoured water and are making it their drink of choice in 2019. Market research also suggests that the flavoured water market will grow an impressive 9.5% from 2017-2023.

There is further interest in flavoured water from growing concerns about sugar consumption and the association with health issues, including diabetes. People are being pushed towards a reduced-sugar or zero sugar drink options replacing fizzy drinks and fruit juice.

raspberry flavoured water

Health in a Bottle

Categorised as water infused with flavours, including lemon, orange, mixed berry and apple along with various vitamins, have been dominating the market, and many have been snapping them off supermarket shelves. As consumers look for healthier beverages that provide added benefits, including natural flavours, it will continue to dominate the market.

Consumers are increasingly conscious about their health and sugar is a big part of their concerns, and are preferring products with less of a sweet taste, and more of a bitter taste. Lemon flavoured water is the most popular, with orange and passionfruit not far behind.

With added vitamins, collagen, minerals and natural caffeine boosters, these drinks are perfect for health-conscious individuals, or anyone looking to improve their water intake and to replace sugary drinks such as soda with healthier alternatives. Many popular flavoured water brands contain potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, found naturally in food sources.

flavoured water pouring

Flavoured Water and Sustainability

Flavoured water is also doing its part in the industry to be a more ethically sustainable product. Manufacturer are coming up with new innovative packaging alternatives that is convenient to carry and is better for the environment, eliminating single-use plastic. Certain brands are for example, introducing more transparent, labelled flavoured water in smaller packet sizes and are supporting 100% sustainable packaging and increasing packaging recovery and recycling rates.

Specialty Water Ideas

Recently, specialty water companies have found ways to alter the molecular composition of water to meet certain functional needs, including increasing its oxygen capacity which acts as a natural energy booster. Some, have even infused water with additional hydrogen which helps to fight inflammation, improve circulation and support muscle recovery for athletes.

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