Billi Quadra Sparkling

Billi Sparkling systems are the ultimate drinking water appliances which deliver boiling, chilled & professional sparkling filtered water instantly.

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460 options

Choice of Water Dispensing options

The Billi Quadra Sparkling offers chilled, sparkling and boiling filtered water, instantly.

460 undercounter

Under Counter Tank Design

Designed for space saving and efficiency, the under-counter design allows you to make the most of available over-counter area.

heat exchange technology

Heat Exchange Technology

One challenge which most manufacturers still face, is under-counter temperatures. The excessive heat build-up under-counter requires ventilation, substantial airspace and in most cases, unsightly ventilation grilles in the cabinets themselves.

How Billi Taps Have Overcome This: Using the same waste heat recovery technology, all Billi Quadra systems are cooled by water and DO NOT require under-counter ventilation.

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Billi Quadra Sparkling

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