Zircon 2 Group Plus Espresso Coffee Machine

The Zircon 2 PLUS is an automatic espresso coffee machine that delivers every time. It features a built in grinder, with electronic keypads to control the coffee dosages and an automatic water filling and copper boiler that provides perfect heat retention for longer periods. It is a powerful and practical machine with the option of a restaurant or 'take-away' height drip tray.

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zircon 1 group heads

Group Head

The Zircon 2 plus has a group head with a direct pre-infusion chamber.

Built in Motor Pump

This machine comes equipped with two retention valves and solid particles filter and an auto fill water boiler.

4 Programmable Modes

These modes allow you to tailor the brewing process to your specific requirements. This feature also allows for added coffee control.

Technical Details

Height 630mm
Width 690mm
Depth 580mm