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10 Ways to Go Plastic-Free in 2019

10 Ways to Go Plastic-Free in 2019

What better way to start the new year by going plastic-free in the office and being branded a more, eco-friendly business. Reducing your waste can also be beneficial to the environment and help protect our wildlife.

Here are some ways in which you can make this dream become a reality in your workplace.

  1. Provide unlimited, free running tap water so your employees can refill their cups without having to use plastic ones. Install your own water cooler, or dispenser machine for everyone to use.
  2. Book your employees on an experience to see how plastic is destroying our oceans – or organise a team clean-up in the office!
  3. Encourage your colleagues to bring in their own cutlery, and plates for lunches, and provide them with facilities to wash up in, or provide reusable cutlery, rather than disposable ones, that are harmful to the environment.
  4. Opt for tea brands that use zero plastic in their packaging, or invest in stainless steel coffee pods.
  5. Offer free handouts to your employees, such as reusable water bottles, coffee cups or lunch boxes. Get rid of any plastic straws you may have.
  6. Make it easy for your employees to recycle their rubbish by providing clearly labelled recycling bins in the office, to reduce waste.
  7. Encourage your suppliers to go plastic-free or request that they use less plastic packaging. Write up some guidelines as to how you intend to cut your business plastic footprint.
  8. Avoid using disposable plastic pens. Try an eco-friendly alternative such as a refillable fountain pen.
  9. Make sure that any products you order are plastic and polystyrene free.
  10. Instead of tea bags, try using loose tea leaves.

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