Choosing the Best Mains Fed Water Cooler

Our mains fed dispensers are practical, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Installation and training is free, and our maintenance staff are experts. All you need to do is decide on the machine that is best suited for your area. Given the variety of water dispensers available, though, how do you choose the one that best fits your needs?


This will be your first consideration. Obviously if you have a workforce of only a few people you won’t need a high capacity water dispenser – our Borg Classic countertop model delivers 12 litres per hour – but should you need the extra capacity our Wave Box 80 and Wave Fizz 80 can deliver 80 litres per hour. There are a range of options between these, so do your capacity requirements calculations first, and then round up rather than down.


The design of the water cooler you choose is important, not least in terms of the space it uses. Remember that dispensers tend to become informal meeting areas – often very productive ones – so you also need to make sure that people can move around in a way that doesn’t cause congestion round the actual dispenser.

Our countertop dispensers can save floor space as the areas under the counter can be used for cup disposal or storage, and some of the models – the Borg Elite for instance – employ even better space utilisation by incorporating an integral cup dispenser. These of course aren’t just for space saving, but when the location requires countertop service, such as office kitchens etc.

If you do have space constraints but need a floor standing unit, you can go for a streamlined design such as the Borg Sport freestanding dispenser. Otherwise, where a floor standing unit is needed (such as showrooms, or office spaces), we have good options available, from the Borg Classic to Borg Elite models.

Dispensing Options

Our water dispensers aren’t just water coolers! Cool water is of course available from the whole range, but you may decide on a model which offers other options. Staff tend to love dispensers which provide hot water, for instance, because it cuts down on queues at the kettle – and a number of our products dispense hot water. Or you may decide to offer sparkling as well as still water via our Borg Elite range or one of the high capacity dispensers.

Whichever water dispenser you choose, though, it’s a sure bet that your staff will be healthier, happier, and more productive.

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