How to make the perfect coffee with a cafetiere?

It is time to enjoy a hassle-free cup of coffee with our cafetiere step by step guide. The Coffee that is brewed is infused like tea and needs to be more coarsely ground to resemble tea leaves. The freshness of coffee is just as important so make sure before starting the process, that you grind fresh.


Cafetiere is one of the few brewing methods that produces different flavours and extractions and is known to come the closest to matching the ultimate coffee taste experience. The brewing process takes no longer than 5 – 7 minutes.

How to use a Cafetiere

1. Firstly, remove the lid and plunger and preheat the cafetiere jug by filling it with boiling water.

placing lid on the cafetiere

2. While you wait for the jug to boil, grind your coffee beans to a medium coarse consistency, for a cup that bursts with freshness.

placing ground coffee into the cafetiere

3. Empty the hot water from the jug and place the required amount of coffee in the base equivalent to 70 grams per litre or one heaped teaspoon per cup.

pouring hot water into cafetiere

4. Top with hot, not boiling water, as water that is too hot is at risk of burning your coffee grounds, and leaves you with a bitter tasting coffee.

stirring coffee grounds in water

5. Replace the lid with the plunger pulled all the way up and allow your coffee to infuse for 4 minutes.

6. Once infused push the plunger all the way down which will help separate the grounds from your brew. Be careful not to compact the grounds at the bottom as this can also cause a bitter taste.

pressing coffee down

7. Pour and serve and add milk or sugar as desired.

serving cafetiere coffee

What makes the cafetiere experience so special?

There are many brewing techniques you can use depending on the type of drink you wish to make. While some people prefer coffee made using equipment like espresso machines, others prefer their cuppa brewed the traditional way.

Also known as the French press, the cafetiere is a cylinder shaped beaker with a plunger. With the cafetiere, the grind size, brew yield and brew time are not intertwined and can be at any time and for as long as you want – none of the variables affects the coffee you make.

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