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Why now is better than ever for your favourite piping hot brew

Why now is better than ever for your favourite piping hot brew

During the summer months many are quick to reach for the ice cold drinks in a bid to keep cool but this counter-intuitive trick can beat the heat…

Added: 14th July 2015

It’s time to ditch the ice creams and coolers in favour of a steaming cup of coffee!

Believe it or not, hot beverages are more effective than cold drinks for lowering your core body temperature. Neuroscientists suggest receptors in the mouth identify the heat and this, in turn, causes the body to sweat. Our bodies are cooled down when sweat is evaporated because it removes the heat energy from the skin so the more you sweat, the more you cool. In the long term, hot drinks are a more effective solution.

This method of drinking hot beverages in summer feels foreign for many; if this is the case, start by putting a summer twist to your drink! For avid tea lovers, opt for a summer fruit blend such as  green tea or a summer berry tea and for the coffee drinkers, a light roast which has more brightness and less bitterness than a standard dark roast bean.

India’s population has been drinking tea to cool down in this way for hundreds of years and there is no better time than now for you to put the theory to test; if billions can stay cool like this, you can too. With temperatures reaching high twenties, your coffee machine is your best friend – use it.

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