Vitro X5 Double Bean to Cup MIA Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

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£ 53.00
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A Real Crowd-Pleaser

The Vitro X5 Double Bean MIA offers space for two different coffee blends thanks to its dual bean hoppers, from caffeinated, decaf, light and dark roasts to soft and frothy milk, this machine caters to all, making it a crowd favourite with the capacity to make up to 250 cups per day.

Micro Injected Air Technology

The Vitro X5 MIA comes equipped with the latest Micro Injected Air Technology, combining freshly brewed espresso with delicious velvety textured milk. From creamy espresso and frothy cappuccino to chocolatey mochas and stand out flat whites, the MIA system creates soft peaks within the milk for the perfect result every time.

Easy Maintenance

With its user-friendly interface, the Vitro X5 MIA is easy to use and maintain, automatically flushing pressurised water through the milk system after each use. Additionally, a manual cleaning process is scheduled to be carried out every 24 hours, taking only one minute to activate and 10 minutes total to run.

Adaptable Modern Styling

Made from high quality materials, the Vitro X5 Double Bean MIA boasts a range of inventive features such as a retractable cup holder to reduce splashing, an illuminated LED dispense area and a separate hot water tap for ease of use.

Technical Details

Product ID
Cups per Day
Up to 250
Drinks Configurations
Coffee Bean Capacity
Chocolate Capacity
Mains Fed
965mm + 100mm for hopper refill height
480mm + 230mm fridge