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Liquidline Q1 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine with Powdered Milk
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Schaerer Coffee Club Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk
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Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk
Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

Benefits of a Coffee Machine in the Office

There are so many reasons why buying or leasing an office coffee machine is a smart investment for your business. Tea and coffee breaks are not a luxury, they’re a necessity, that powers workers through the working day, and providing quality drinks for your team and visitors to enjoy plays a much larger role in business success than you may perceive.

Nurture Your Team

Any good boss will tell you that people are key to success in business. Therefore, nurturing your team and creating a happy and healthy workplace is a must. This is even more important with today’s competitive jobs market, and it’s surprising how much difference small perks can make to attracting and retaining team members.

A really easy way to demonstrate that you care about your team is by installing a quality office coffee machine within the workplace. In fact, recent research has found that 35% of office workers rank readily available tea and coffee as the most important workplace perk.

Office coffee machines provide consistently delicious, premium coffee-based beverages in a matter of moments. This is proven to make team members feel more valued, which motivates them to perform better - all great for your business!

Coffee breaks are also essential for overall wellbeing, encouraging short breaks away from the screen, allowing employees time to reset and repower ahead of the next task, and perhaps even forging stronger relationships with their colleagues as they chat around the office coffee machine.

Learn more about how you can improve employee wellbeing in the workplace.

Boost Productivity

As we’ve already touched upon, a coffee machine for the office goes a long way towards making your team feel more valued, creating a happy workforce, that ultimately works harder.

However, this increased productivity is not just thanks to raised spirits, as the caffeine contained in coffee is a natural stimulant, increasing energy levels, boosting concentration and encouraging creativity.

Save Time & Money

Your home kitchen wouldn’t be complete without your trusty kettle, but in a workplace environment a kettle just doesn’t stand up to the demands of a busy workforce. Not only that, they are not energy efficient and boiling the kettle every 3 minutes will send your energy bills through the roof.

Coffee machines for offices are specially designed for high demand environments. They dispense coffee-based beverages in a matter of seconds, with no mess and no fuss, and include clever energy-saving technology that reduces their impact on the environment. Office coffee machines are also extremely precise, measuring out the exact amount of ingredients required for your drink into a single cup, with no wastage.

Furthermore, if you choose to lease your office coffee machine, you can offset the cost against your tax return - saving you even more money!

Impress Clients & Visitors

If you run the sort of business that often has clients or visitors on site then you want to impress at every touchpoint. Refreshments form part of the customer journey and if the coffee you’re serving is bland and bitter instant coffee, then this could leave a bad taste in the mouth of potential buyers. A quality beverage reflects on the quality of your business - after all, you wouldn’t expect to receive a mug of instant in a 5-star hotel, and the same applies to your office.

Types of Coffee Machine for the Office

With so many office coffee machines to choose from it can be difficult to know where to begin. A great starting point is understanding the different types of coffee machine for the office, their key features, pros and cons.

Working with over 8,000 businesses across the UK and Ireland, we have a good understanding of what makes a coffee machine great for the office environment. Below is an outline of the two most popular types of coffee machines for the office environment, the core features of each and any advantages or disadvantages.

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bean to cup coffee machines are often regarded as the best office coffee machines. They’re easy to use, deliver drinks quickly and offer a range of top-quality coffee-based beverages.

Key Features

  • Uses fresh coffee beans, ground on demand for superior coffee taste
  • Choose a fresh milk machine for an authentic barista coffee experience


  • Superior coffee shop style beverages on demand
  • User-friendly and visually appealing
  • Wider choice of drinks and varieties
  • Consistent quality


  • Often the most expensive option
  • Must be cleaned every day to maintain hygiene standards, especially if using fresh milk, though some machines automate this
  • Regular service and maintenance required

Coffee Vending Machine for Office

A perfect self-serve solution for your office beverages. Coffee vending machines generally use soluble or powdered ingredients to create great value hot drinks in an instant.

Key Features

  • Integrated automatic cup dispense system
  • User friendly interface
  • Low energy consumption


  • Fantastic value for money
  • Simple operation
  • Extremely fast dispense time, often less than 10 seconds
  • Solubles have a longer shelf life and are easier to store than fresh beans
  • Increased variety - can offer chocolate, fresh leaf tea and even soups


  • The coffee quality is not as good - instant espresso rather than a real espresso
  • Generally powdered milk which is poorer quality
  • Some instant machines use individual pods or sachets, which creates additional waste
  • Often large, bulky and heavy

Choosing a Coffee Machine for Office Use

When selecting the best coffee machine for an office, it’s essential you consider a number of important factors.


How many people will be your office coffee machine be supplying throughout the day? On average Brits drink three cups of coffee per day, therefore to calculate the required capacity of your office coffee machine it’s sensible to multiple the number of people in your office by three. For example, for a boutique offices with 20 people, a Vitro S1 that serves 60 cups per day would be sufficient. Medium-sized offices with 50-100 people will need something harder working, such as the Schaerer Soul that offers up to 250 cups per day. Whilst large offices may wish to consider several machines spread throughout the premises.


This is very important as drinks quality really does vary between different types and models of office coffee machines. Whatever machine you choose, it will always beat a cup of instant, but if you’re looking for a real coffee shop experience, especially with milk-based beverages, you will need to look at higher-end Schaerer machines.

Menu Choices

Coffee tastes really vary from person to person. Some people like a strong double shot of espresso, whilst others prefer a light, milky latte or cappuccino. Some don’t drink coffee at all and prefer tea or hot chocolate. It’s therefore important you choose a coffee machine for the office that offers plenty of menu options - after all, variety is the spice of life!


Consider where you would like to place your new coffee machine for office use, as this will help to inform the type of machine you choose - a high capacity plumbed solution or a smaller manual fill solution. We would recommend a plumbed option for your main office coffee machine, which can be located in an office kitchen, communal area, reception or canteen. This can then be supplemented with manual fill machines in boardroom, meeting and breakout areas, where there is still a demand for quickly prepared coffee, but not the facilities for an all singing and dancing machine.


Like any appliance, it’s essential that your machine is regularly cleaned and maintained. To prevent breakdowns and to ensure the drinks you serve are hygienically prepared, the machine needs to be cleaned daily, in addition to regular descaling and an annual service. Consider who will be responsible for this and the time they have available. Some machines require more manual cleaning, whilst others include automated cleaning programmes.

Need help choosing? Our handy machine finder tool is designed to help you find the very best office coffee machine for your business. If however, you prefer a good old fashioned chat, our in-house coffee experts would be happy to advise you. Simply complete the form on our contact page and a member of our team will be in touch. Or alternatively, take a look at our helpful buying guide for more information and help.

Office Coffee Machine Rental

Rather than paying a lump sum to purchase a coffee machine for office use, most of our customers chose to rent or lease their machines from us.

There are many reasons why coffee machine rentals for offices are a better solution than purchasing. For starters, you are not required to pay a large sum upfront, which is great for your cash flow, but you’ll also be able to offset the cost against your tax bill, as a leased office coffee machine is a 100% tax-allowable expense.

Learn more about how coffee machine rental for offices could save you money.