Azure Still Water Dispenser

The Azure comes as standard with a cup dispensing system (150ml, 180ml or 250ml) that will accommodate either plastic or paper cups. This machine comes with the capability to dispense still or sparkling water, up to 2 syrup flavours and/or include a rinse function.

Key Features
  • Water Filtration  - The 3M or Brita water filter removes impurities, maintains PH neutral and removes any unpleasant tastes and odours. The advanced UV water sanitisation system ensures water is free from impurities.
  • Energy Saving - Rated A++ In energy efficiency. Saving money and saving the planet.
  • Payment Facility - An optional payment module is available with a change giving coin mechanism and/or credit card system.
  • Flash Cooling Technology - The cooling system will only activate when a drink is chosen, saving energy.

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Technical Details

Height 1830mm
Width 710mm / 500mm
Depth 695mm
Weight 101kg / 135kg

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    Azure Still Water Dispenser