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Bottled vs. Mains-Fed Office Water Coolers

Bottled vs. Mains-Fed Office Water Coolers

Whether the temperatures outside are soaring or things are cooling down as a new season sets in, staying hydrated at work has many benefits, to our health as well as our work productivity. In order to bring about these benefits, many employers choose to install office water coolers in their workplace. In addition to our commercial coffee machines, Liquidline also supply such office water dispensers! They’re a great way of keeping employees healthy and happy, and the type of water cooler you require usually depends on the size of your business. The mistake some make is assuming that a bottled water cooler will be the cheaper option; installing a mains-fed water dispenser may actually be a much more cost-effective solution. Here are some of the key advantages of mains-fed water machines.


For the sake of demonstration, let’s assume we’re talking about an average-sized business with around 80 employees. the average office worker drinks around 7.5 cups of water per day, meaning you’ll get through an impressive 600 cups a day. Each bottle contains enough water for 100 cups, so altogether you’ll need 30 bottles per week: totalling a whopping 1560 per year. At roughly £5 per bottle, providing water to a company of 80 people using bottled water coolers will cost around £7,800 per year.

You may well be surprised to hear that mains-fed water machines begin from prices of less than £300 per year, meaning you could make an unbelievable saving of around £7,500 per year. Take a look at Liquidline’s range of mains-fed office water coolers to find one which best suits your business.


The dramatic difference in cost is not the only advantage of opting for a mains-fed water dispenser. Each bottle weighs 19kg, which means heavy lifting is involved for some members of staff. Of course, done properly this shouldn’t cause any problems, but there is always a risk of back injury, which could incur insurance claims and/or additional costs to your business.


In a similar vein, bottled water coolers can pose problems if not kept in ideal conditions. They’re a lot more open than mains-fed machines, meaning there’s greater opportunity for bacteria to make its way in. this is particularly the case if the coolers are left in areas of direct sunlight or dust, which can cause the bottles to turn green.


On a very practical note, storing enough 19kg bottles that you’ll have 6 for every day is going to take up a lot of space, so if your office isn’t abounding with empty cupboards (is any office?!), avoiding this problem is probably the way forward. Once again, a mains-fed office water dispenser may just be the solution.

We’re not against bottled water coolers altogether, after all we do supply them! In certain situations, they may be the most appropriate option, but this isn’t always the case. For all the reasons above, we simply want more businesses to consider installing a mains-fed water machine!


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