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Characteristics of Coffee Drinkers

Characteristics of Coffee Drinkers

Coffee drinkers are often categorised and referred to as a certain breed of people, but since we are growing in number at such a dramatic rate, there are now innumerable coffee drinkers who can’t all be put in one umbrella category. From the young to the old, the caffeine-fuelled workaholics to the social coffee drinkers, we now come in all shapes and sizes. However, many of us do share some common characteristics, and there has been speculation about and research into how personality is linked to the type of coffee you drink!

Common Traits

Whilst many of enjoy coffee for pleasure, it remains true that the high caffeine content is a huge selling point. A lot of people are such avid coffee drinkers primarily because it gives us an energy boost, and yes, a high percentage of us are not morning people. That’s why we’ve become so reliant on our favourite drink to get us up and at it; whether you struggle to leave the house without a coffee or head straight to the office coffee machine as soon as you arrive at work.

In general, we’re also fairly busy people, or at least want to give the impression of being so! Since coffee keeps us going, those frequently using the commercial coffee machine at work will usually have a cup in hand to help them along as they juggle multiple responsibilities, whilst a student may look and feel more serious about their workload if they’re holding a coffee as they head into the library for a long essay stint.

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Type of Coffee

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Rumour has it that the type of coffee you usually opt for actually has something to say about you as a person. Black coffee drinkers tend to be no nonsense, very to-the-point types, whilst at the other end of the spectrum instant coffee drinkers are often extremely laid back; sometimes to the point of major procrastination! In terms of milks coffees, it’s said that those you prefer a cappuccino are perfectionists and like everything to be done their way, on the other hand latte fans are generally easy to please and enjoy pleasing others.

Of course none of these are strict rules, we’re sure there are instant coffee drinkers out there who are incredibly organised and efficient. Although we very much encourage enjoying coffee socially, we’re fairly convinced that heading straight to the office coffee machine first thing in the morning is best practice for most coffee drinkers…

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