Sustainable Coffee from Bean to Machine

Having your daily cup of coffee at the office may seem like a harmless habit, but the truth is that the whole coffee production is far from being sustainable. UK consumers produce up to 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste every year and the carbon footprint of coffee goes from 21g of CO2 (black coffee) to 340g for a latte.

So does this mean that having a coffee machine at your place of work is a bad idea? Not at all, it all depends on which method of brewing equipment that you use. Bean-to-cup coffee machines are an effective solution you may want to invest in for your officeshowroomschoolhotel or retail outlet! Here are some reasons why:
  1. They produce less waste as there are no pods of sachets to throw away.
  2. They are more efficient and less time consuming that conventional machines since they have a build-in grinder (and often milk option).
  3. They are cost efficient: top-of-the-range machines can bring the cost of a cup to just 9p.
  4. They are easy to operate: you’ll always have a rich and aromatic cup of coffee at the touch of a button.
  5. Flavour and freshness guaranteed as beans are freshly ground before your eyes.
  6. They are environmentally friendly since coffee grounds can be re-used as a fertiliser, deodoriser or in your compost bin.
hopper full of coffee beans
But switching to sustainable practices in the workplace involves more than using a bean-to-cup machine, as coffee beans must also be considered. But is there such a thing as environmentally friendly coffee beans?
The answer is yes – they are called Eco Roast.
These are in fact some of the best beans for an optimal Liquidline bean-to-cup experience: as the company behind them has gone beyond Fairtrade certification. They have devised and used a revolutionary roasting technology that reduces the carbon emissions involved in the roasting process and recycles coffee waste to create bio-fuel! This is a primary source energy within the Eco Roast roasting process, therefore creating a closed zero-waste cycle. You won’t have to worry as far as flavour and quality are involved either, since Eco Roast uses premium Arabica/Robusta blend with fruity notes which makes these beans perfect for your morning Americano or Latte at the office.
coffee bean to cup coffee machine
In short, Eco Roast beans are proof that gourmet coffee does not have to be at odds with being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. If you have a bean-to-cup machine at your workplace this innovative coffee production method can help you achieve zero waste and reduce your organisation’s overall carbon footprint, one cup at the time.
To sum up, combining a smart Liquidline bean-to-cup machine with sustainably sources and roasted beans (such as Eco roast coffee beans) is the ultimate sustainable coffee solution for your organisation. Best of all, you will not have to compromise on flavour: in fact, chances are you will get to take your daily coffee-drinking experience to a whole new level.
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