Top 10 Best Commercial Coffee Machines in the UK

Choosing the best commercial coffee machine for your organisation can be a tricky decision. To help with selecting the best machine for your business, we’ve compiled a list of Liquidline’s top 10 favourites and what makes each machine so special. 

Remember, we’re always happy to help at Liquidline, so if you have any questions about the below or any other commercial coffee machine, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team.

schaerer coffee soul machines

1) Best Milk Foam – Schaerer Soul

A top of the range bean to cup coffee machine, the Schaerer Soul features a Best Foam milk system that creates creamy milk foam with a smooth, silky white finish. This milk foam creates premium quality milk-based speciality coffees such as latte and cappuccino, without the need for a professionally trained barista – you can even adjust the consistency (liquid to very firm) and the temperature of the foam.

Too hot for a coffee but still want a refreshing fix? No problem – the Schaerer Soul can even create delicious creamy frappucinos for the summer months

2) Best Touchless – Cafétouch Q3

The Cafétouch Q3 creates authentic Italian style coffee including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and americano. With a built-in hot chocolate powder canister, you can also enjoy hot chocolate or mocha. The Cafétouch Q3 can even offer fresh leaf tea. 

Fitted with distance selection technology for peace of mind in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers and colleagues can make a beverage without needing to actually touch the machine. To select a drink, simply go to push the appropriate button as normal, but hold your finger approx. 2cm away from the surface of the button. The machine will detect your selection and dispense your drink.

The Cafétouch Q3 also comes with free use of the Button Barista App, which allows users to customise their drinks, collect rewards and choose from a wider menu choice.

schaerer coffee club machines

3) Best for Offices – Schaerer Club

A compact but highly efficient bean to cup coffee machine, the Schaerer Club lends itself to a busy office environment. 

Its slim design is perfect for a small kitchen area or communal space, whilst its intuitive touchscreen makes it fun and easy to use.

The Schaerer Club is also exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Simply run a weekly and daily cleaning programme that’s totally automated with clear instructions via the on-screen display.

Side view of Jura WE6 bean to cup coffee machine

4) Best for Coffee Classics – JURA WE6

The JURA WE6 is designed for black coffee lovers who want to explore new realms of flavour with different coffee bean combinations. This sleek and stylish bean to cup coffee machine delivers 8 classic coffees, including ristretto and espresso, at the touch of a button. 

The manual fill model doesn’t require a mains water supply, offering increased flexibility as you can place the machine anywhere you like, provided there is a mains electricity socket.

The buttons and modern display on the front make the JURA WE6 extremely easy to operate, whist good levels of hygiene are ensured at the touch of a button with a convenient cleaning and rinsing programme.

s5 traditional espresso machine

5) Best for Coffee Shops – La Spaziale S5

A classic Italian design, the La Spaziale S5 is fitted with everything you need to provide fantastic barista coffee to your customers. 

With three group heads, two steam wands and a hot water outlet this machine can easily be operated by multiple baristas at once, ensuring your customers are served top-quality coffee quickly and efficiently. 

The La Spaziale S5 also benefits from the STEAM heat exchange system which blasts the coffee just as it passes the group head, keeping it at the optimum temperature of 94 degrees no matter how hard the machine is working. As a bonus, this system is also much less power-intensive than conventional heating systems.

Vitro S1 Coffetek - Angled Coffee Machine Image

6) Best Value for Money – Vitro S1

Available from as little as £1.50 per day, the Coffeetek Vitro S1 Commercial Coffee Machine provides high-quality espresso-based drinks on a budget.

Capable of producing up to 60 cups per day and with a slick, compact design, the Vitro S1 bean to cup machine is perfect for small businesses with around 20 employees. 

Offering 8 different coffee shop favourites, the Vitro S1 grinds coffee beans on-demand, meaning you get a consistently fresh and delicious cup of coffee every time. There is even an integrated hot chocolate canister for when you fancy a sweet chocolatey fix in the afternoon.

Instant coffee machine

7) Best for Convenience – Vitro S3 Instant

A quick and compact soluble coffee machine offering 10 programmable drinks which can be selected using the large one-touch LED-lit drinks buttons, then dispensed in a matter of seconds.

The Vitro S3 sits head and shoulder above any other instant coffee machine. With two instant coffee hoppers, allowing you to enjoy two different taste profiles, chocolate powder and micro-foam technology, the Vitro S3 offers a top-quality coffee shop-style drink that’s great value.

It also features energy-saving technology, including an energy management system that learns usage patterns and puts the machine into standby mode when out of use.

commercial capsule coffee machine side

8) Best for Small Businesses – K-Fee Wave

Designed with small businesses, hotel rooms and boutique retailers in mind, the K-Fee Wave offers a compact, versatile and diverse first-class coffee experience. 

A capsule-based machine that’s not dissimilar to the one you have at home, the K-Fee Wave is easy to use, low maintenance and affordable.

With a focus on taste excellence, K-fee hand-select their coffee beans from the world’s best growing areas. The beans are then lightly roasted and packaged in a unique capsule design that preserves the aroma and slowly infuses for a luxury finish.

nitro cold brew machine

9) Best Cold Brew – Nitro Brew’d

There really is nothing like a chilled velvety soft, creamy cold brew coffee on a hot summer day. 

With hints of chocolate and a rich smooth foamy top, Nitro Brew’d is slightly sweeter than hot coffee and is much easier on the palate. It still packs a punch though and is a refreshing warm-weather alternative to traditional coffee. 

Whether you’re a coffee shop looking to enhance your summer menu or a high-end cocktail bar wanting to perfect the classic espresso martini, then a Brew’d machine will not disappoint.

Franke A1000 Commercial coffee machine

10) Best for Variety – Franke A1000

Considered to be one of the most sophisticated commercial bean to cup machines on the market, the Franke A1000 allows you to personalise your drink more than ever before.

The A1000 was created with little luxuries in mind, which is reflected in its sleek, stylish design. Its unique iQFlow system extracts maximum flavour from the beans, allowing you to explore the individual taste profiles of different varieties. Whilst its FoamMaster technology guarantees perfect milk foam for your speciality coffee. 

Its optional flavour station allows you to add an extra twist to your drinks with up to six different flavours of syrup, enabling you to prepare a range of individual coffee creations. There are also two milk options meaning you can offer a non-dairy alternative, such as oat milk or soy milk, as well as traditional fresh milk.

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