What is a Micro Market?

The concept for both Micro Markets and refreshment solutions are very similar – to provide employees within the workplace with food and drinks in a fast and efficient way. Traditionally, businesses have relied on vending machines to provide employees with a snacking option throughout the day. Recent years have shown the Micro Market taking precedence due to its capacity to provide far more than fast and easy food! A Micro Market is the revolution in workplace refreshments, placing an unmanned convenience store in the heart of your workplace. Micro Markets bring the high street experience to the workplace and deliver a self-service offer the majority of workspaces. The compact, self-serve stores provide a variety of fresh and healthy food and drink for staff 24/7 on-site and can be customised to each space.


Micro Markets offer several advantages over traditional vending machines. With a much wider range of products available, Micro Markets work to provide staff with options of hot food and beverages, healthy snacks, fruit and more, within the workspace. There are a variety of Micro Market modules available, including the coffee module, chiller module, retail module and more. Each Vending Micro Market module is designed to accommodate a variety of requirements that employees can utilise. Once the relevant Vending Micro Market modules have been chosen, you will be able to select from a range of styles for your surrounds and worktops, making the Micro Market customisable for each workplace. Lastly, Micro Markets can be branded your way, with a range of finishes that can be applied alongside logo placements.

Micro Markets offer several advantages over traditional vending machines

Are Micro markets secure from theft?

Many people who are seeking a suitable Micro Market for the workplace often find themselves refraining from doing so due to concern around security. Mainly, this security concern is down to Micro Markets promoting an open-market concept, where employees are essentially operating on the honour system.

There are various ways to ensure you can secure your micro market from theft:

alro security camera on wall

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is the easiest way to guarantee that you will be able to keep an eye on your Micro Market, allowing you to also determine if any food tampering is occurring.

digital secure lock

Digital Locks

Digital locks are a type of lock that can be installed into your Micro Market, that will automatically lock when inventory goes amiss. Although a digital lock is not able to prevent theft, it will in place alert you of the issue and ensure any further theft does not occur until the initial missing inventory issue is resolved.

digital shelf pringles

Digital Shelves

Digital shelves are an alternative solution to securing your Micro Market from theft. Ensuring that transactions are made after a product is taken from the shelf, a record of items that are not being paid for is kept. This can make it easier to keep a record any theft that may be occurring.

What is the difference between a vending machine and a Micromarket?

The concept of a Micro Market was initially conceived and implemented in 2015. Within the past 5 years, Micro Markets have replaced a variety of vending machines across workplaces globally.

Micro markets offer a Higher Volume of Products

Higher Volume of Products

Traditional vending machines for hire may have the capacity to hold around 40 products, whilst an average Micro Market kiosk can withhold stock anywhere between 150 – 400 products. This provides employees with a far broader range of food and beverages to choose from. The higher volume of products held within a Micro Market can also ensure that a variety of dietary requirements (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free etc.) can be catered for.

Micro markets give staff a Healthier choice in food

Healthier choice in food

Vending machines do not provide the same variety of food options and typically contain pre-packaged and processed foods. Micro Market kiosks, however, have an advantage over vending machines as fresh foods are more readily available since products are restocked daily. This can also allow employees to consume healthier foods, meaning that they can concentrate on tasks better and feel better in health generally. This is an important benefit a micro market kiosk has over a vending machine that business owners and managers may find crucial in increasing productivity.

Micro markets Improve Business Reputation

Improve Business Reputation

Micro Market kiosks provide a good outward impression of a business thanks to their attractive shelves and sleek countertops. Client-facing businesses, for instance will benefit greatly from a Micro Market as it gives the business a modern and progressive appearance, not forgetting that it stances the business as invested in the quality of life for their employees. Whilst vending machines appear somewhat outdated, and unlike a Micro Market, cannot be customised or hold a variety of food and beverages supply.

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