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Franke SB1200 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk
Jura WE8 Manual Fill Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Coffetek Vitro Zen Coffee Vending Machine
Coffetek Zensia Hot Drinks Vending Machine

Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

A key component of any commercial space, Bean to Cup Coffee machines deliver rich and aromatic blends at the push of a button. With brewing capacities of up to 250 cups per day, these machines offer freshly ground, quality coffee and espresso to workforces across all industries; from car showrooms to busy office floors, and leading hospitality establishments.

Equipped with a stylish interface, simplistic maintenance, user-friendly design, and an exciting range of specialty brews, these machines have been designed to accommodate all tastes – delivering exceptional coffee with ease.

Enhance your office coffee with our sophisticated selection of leading coffee blends and accompanying consumables. Available to buy, rent or lease, you can fuel your work force with delicious drinks from as little as 9 pence per cup.

Why Choose A Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

With a user-friendly operation and an endless selection of speciality hot drinks, including latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and more, our Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines offer a fully encompassing hot drink solution for your business.

Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines require little to no training or expertise, and  offer barista style coffee with minimal input. Simply load or fill with fresh coffee beans and milk (fresh or powdered depending on the model) to craft barista quality drinks at the touch of a button.

Designed to be more user friendly and than traditional Commercial Coffee Machines, Bean to Cup Machines are the most convenient solution for a multitude of environments without compromising on the quality of coffee.

Beans, Cups & Syrups

To make your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine rental even easier, and to save you time in the future, we can also fulfil all your consumable needs. This includes coffee beans for your new Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, powdered milk if required, as well as an extensive range of environmentally friendly cups, flavoured coffee syrups, tea bags and more. We also provide other commercial machines including juice machines and water dispensers.

We are proud to produce our very own brand of coffee beans brand, Café Bonté, which includes a broad range of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified beans for an ethically produced and sustainable drink. Coffee aficionados will love our speciality Café Bonté Single Origin Ethiopian Beans which offer a full bodied and complex taste with bright and bold flavours.

For Offices

At Liquidline, we have extensive experience specifying Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for offices of all sizes. Whether you’re a big international corporate requiring a series of machines, or a small to medium sized local business, we understand how important coffee is in powering your team through the day ahead.

We also work closely with commercial property developers and property managers to create exciting and innovative workplaces and are adept at installing several machines across multiple offices for the same client.

Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines FAQs

What Range of Drinks do Bean To Cup Machines Make?

Our Bean to Cup Coffee Machines offer a wide range of drink options to choose from.  Whether you enjoy a milky latte, strong espresso or warming mug of hot chocolate, a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine delivers a top-quality drink every time.

How Much Should I Spend on a Commercial Bean To Cup Coffee Machine?

The cost of a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine really varies depending on the requirements of your business, with prices starting from as little as £12.50 per week on a lease hire basis.

Liquidline will work with you to help you select the best Bean to Cup Machine for your needs. We’ll take into consideration the number of employees, range of drinks and functionality required , to present you with a range of solutions and price points.

Can you use Ground Coffee in a Bean To Cup Coffee Machine?

Usually you can only use whole coffee beans in Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.

To make coffee the beans need to first be ground, however once beans are ground they begin to release oils that are protected within the whole bean, which is why coffee always tastes better when using beans that have been recently ground.

The benefit of a Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine is that beans are ground on demand whenever you want to make a coffee.

If you would prefer to use pre-ground beans then we would suggest investing in a Filter Coffee Machine, though the finished cup will not be as delicious as it would be from a Bean to Cup Machine.

How do you clean a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines require surprisingly little maintenance to produce a range of delicious speciality coffees and hot drinks.

Many modern machines include automatic cleaning and rinsing functions which runs hot water through the machine to unclog any ground coffee from the pipes.

However, a small element of cleaning may still be required, which will be different depending on the make and model of your machine. When purchasing or leasing a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine from Liquidline we will provide you with full training and guidance, including on how to maintain your machine.

Descaling is also particularly important for your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, especially in hard water areas. Again, each machine is different, but most will require you to  fill the water tank with descaler and water, before running a descaling programme. The machine will then need to be thoroughly rinsed through before being used.

Liquidline provides a range of cleaning products for Bean to Cup Machines, but if you require any advice or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines From Liquidline

Buying, leasing, or renting a Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine from us is easy. At Liquidline, we have over 17 year's experience as Coffee Machine Suppliers and pride ourselves on the comprehensive selection of machines and consumables we offer. Our core focus is you and your business, providing excellent customer service and ensuring you make the right decision when choosing a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for your commercial space.

From initial enquiry, right through to installation and aftercare, we will ensure you are looked after every step of the way. Every organisation is different, which is why our highly-trained team will work with you to establish the most suitable coffee machines for your office and help you to make an informed decision on which machine to choose.

Contact us now for a free-of-charge demonstration of our office Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.