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Bio-Bean Eco-Friendly Bio Fuel

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What is Bio-Bean?

New and innovative technology that allows us to recycle our reused coffee grounds, without harming the environment. Bio-bean is a premium energy source, that turns coffee waste into super Eco-friendly bio fuel. They also provide an excellent way to start fires quickly and efficiently. The used coffee grounds can be collected from coffee shops, businesses and offices around the UK.

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How does it work?

Bio-bean logs can be used for woodburners, stoves and open fires. Recycling the used coffee grounds can help reduce greenhouse gases, divert waste away from landfill and give new life to your latte, cappuccino, or mocha. The World’s first ever coffee recycling factory in Cambridgeshire, has hired bio-bean engineers to turn the grounds into bio-bean logs, hence this new great invention!

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What are Bio-Bean logs?

Each log is made from the grounds of 25 cups of coffee and burns 20% hotter than kiln-dried wood. It generates a whopping 80% less carbon emissions than if it was to go to landfill.

These logs are durable and contain up to 30% more energy, and are the perfect fit for any business that is looking to reduce waste.

We’re passionate about sustainability

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