Break Fluid Fuel Pod

Introducing the Fuel Pod! This modern design bean to cup coffee machine can offer up to 30 speciality drinks, including flat whites, cappuccinos, and lattes, with the pro milk system. The stylish 10” touch screen also has video capability which draws the eye. The touchless app and contactless payment are ideal for customers on the go and helping your customers feel safe. The machine is housed in a stylish real wood finish unit which is also available with a cabinet to suit your environment.  Features

  • Video capability
  • Touchless app
  • Up to 30 drinks selections
  • Pro milk system
  • Contactless payments
  • Modern design cabinet

More Features

Lease from:
£ 45.00
per week
  • Free Installation
  • Full Account Management from day 1
  • Full training on operation and maintenance of the machine
  • Full Maintenance and Service when you buy your consumables with Liquidline for the 1st year
  • Free Delivery on Consumables Orders (over £100)
  • Next Day Technical Service


Person using smartphone app to control coffee machine


• Flexible Drink Menu – Display from 6 up to 30 Drinks
• Up to 7 Variable options including long drink, strong drink, decaff and jug fill
• Adjust the Coffee Strength
• Adjust background colours to match your brand

Inside of CafeTouch 8 coffee machine


• Drip-saver system
• Fully Automatic Scheduled Cleaning Cycle

Close up of CafeTouch coffee machine


• The innovative 10" Touch Screen is capable of playing videos, and has an intuitive interface, with step-by-step mode
• Video ScreenSaver And During Drink Playback

Technical Details

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    Break Fluid Fuel Pod

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