• Winter Mocktails
    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Even though you might be stuck in an office the whole day that shouldn’t restrict you from having a festive time in the office. With our various commercial juice dispensers you’ll be able to easily create some delicious festive mocktails at the touch of a button. We’ve put together a few recipe ideas of classic winter mocktails that you and your colleagues can enjoy.
  • The Benefits of Drinking Enhanced Waters
    You may have heard of the buzz surrounding enhanced waters like activated charcoal water, coconut water and alkaline water which claim to have numerous health benefits. We’ve listed some of our favourite enhanced waters.
  • The Best Books to Read This Autumn – With A Cup of Coffee!
    A good book and coffee can work wonders on your state of mind! Whether you’re drinking your coffee at home, on your commute to work or even in the office using one of our commercial coffee machines we’ve rounded up a list of books we recommend for you to read this autumn based on your caffeinated drink of choice.
  • How To Be More Green When Drinking Coffee
    Times are changing in the coffee industry, gone are the days of the plastic straws we're seeing more and more that people are being more aware of their resource consumption. With the rise of coffee consumption every year, there are little things we could do collectively to become greener in our coffee drinking habits.
  • We’re doing our part: Working towards ‘plastic free’ tea bags
    Is there anything better than a cup of hot tea or coffee? A hot, steaming cuppa is the first thing many of us go to in the morning.
  • Spice up your coffee routine this Autumn
    Autumn is here and that means saying goodbye to boring cups of coffee. Why not switch your Americano for a Pumpkin Spice Latte instead? Not a fan of pumpkin? Don’t worry, our wide range of coffee syrups means that there is something for everyone in your workplace.
  • Sustainability
    We passionately believe that feeling good about the coffee you drink doesn’t begin and end with farming and sourcing. The journey your coffee takes once you have enjoyed it is just important- after all, great coffee shouldn’t cost the earth! We can make sure that if you care about waste as much as we do, we can help you to dispose of your hot drink waste in a caring, responsible way.
  • How Coffee Increases Your Happiness At Work
    It's rare nowadays to see an office without a commercial coffee machine. We all know the power that coffee holds in the office and there’s nothing quite like that first sip of coffee to put a spring in your morning step. There are several reasons why it’s important for offices to offer not just coffee, but good quality coffee. Keeping employees happy with coffee in the office can go a long way to improving their productivity, mood, and overall attitude.
  • The Benefits of Switching to a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
    Do you prefer a cappuccino in the morning and then a double espresso as an after lunch pick me up? Or maybe the cold weather is making you crave a hot chocolate? While a lot of coffee drinkers might run to the local coffee shop to grab a cup of their favourite brew, you can save on time and money by switching to a bean to cup coffee machine and the great part of it is, is that you won’t be sacrificing on the quality of your coffee.
  • Making The Most Out Of Your Coffee Break
    Liquidline supplies commercial coffee machines because we believe that drinking coffee throughout the working day is a great way of staying on track, optimising productivity and simply making the day a little more enjoyable. If your workplace allows you an allocated coffee break, this a real bonus which should not be taken for granted. A coffee break may seem really insignificant when you can simply take a mug to your desk, but even a 10-minute break can be used wisely; here’s how!
  • Bottled Vs. Mains-Fed Office Water Coolers
    Whether the temperatures outside are soaring or things are cooling down as a new season sets in, staying hydrated at work has many benefits, to our health as well as our work productivity. In order to bring about these benefits, many employers choose to install office water coolers in their workplace. In addition to our commercial coffee machines, Liquidline also supply such office water dispensers! They’re a great way of keeping employees healthy and happy, and the type of water cooler you require usually depends on the size of your business. The mistake some make is assuming that a bottled water cooler will be the cheaper option; installing a mains-fed water dispenser may actually be a much more cost-effective solution. Here are some of the key advantages of mains-fed water machines.
  • Gaining & Maintaining Energy During the Hot Weather
    This summer has seen soaring temperatures which left most Brits confused, exhausted, and sometimes slightly annoyed that they’d already paid so much money for a holiday abroad. Whilst we love the sunshine and warm evenings, we’re simply not used to it lasting this long. Working efficiently in this weather is proving particularly difficult for some, so we’ve put together our top tips for staying energised this summer.
  • 6 Reasons You Should Improve Your Office Coffee
    The coffee break is integral part of office culture in the UK and around the world. The Scandinavians call it Fika; in Latin America people take a mid-afternoon Merienda and in Ethiopia there is a special coffee ceremony called Buna Tetu, which takes 3 hours to prepare and takes place three times per day!
  • The Best Ways To Brew Coffee
    Disclaimer: we’re confident that our commercial coffee machines make the best brew around, but we love drinking coffee at home too, so here we take a look at some of the more conventional ways of making your morning coffee in your own kitchen.
  • Characteristics of Coffee Drinkers
    Coffee drinkers are often categorised and referred to as a certain breed of people, but since we are growing in number at such a dramatic rate, there are now innumerable coffee drinkers who can’t all be put in one umbrella category. From the young to the old, the caffeine-fuelled workaholics to the social coffee drinkers, we now come in all shapes and sizes. However, many of us do share some common characteristics, and there has been speculation about and research into how personality is linked to the type of coffee you drink!
  • 15 Things We've Learned In 15 Years
    We don’t want to be show offs but IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! We are fifteen years old this month and in spite of a few growing pains here and there and a little ‘teenage angst’ at times, we are proud of all that we have achieved during this last decade and a half.
  • The Social Benefits of Drinking Coffee
    Our commercial coffee machines are designed to bring all the advantages of coffee to the workplace, but drinking coffee is a great social activity too! Here our top reasons for drinking coffee socially.
  • The Best Coffee Accompaniments
    An office coffee machine can go a long way in helping us through long hours at work, providing us with a constant supply of our favourite hot drink to sip away at as we focus on completing whatever task or project we’re currently working on. Sometimes, however, the effect and experience of drinking coffee can be enhanced when we allow ourselves a little snack alongside it. Here are our favourite suggestions for what to eat with your coffee.
  • Coffee And The Great Outdoors
    With the current heatwave shining down over the UK this week, many of us can hardly wait to get outside. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy dinner on the terrace or are looking forward to a long hike in the countryside this weekend, the sunshine offers plenty of opportunities that we’re to embrace with open arms whilst the good weather lasts. Of course, at LiquidLine we still have coffee at the top of our list of priorities, so here are a few suggestions we’ve come up with for enjoying coffee outside.
  • What’s the Optimum Daily Coffee Intake?
    If you’re a coffee addict like us, and especially if you’ve got a commercial coffee machine to hand in your workplace, you’ll know how easy it is to keep sipping away until you’ve had a few cups too many. There are differing views on what the optimum coffee consumption is, with some claiming less is more, whilst others insist coffee has great health benefits. As with most things, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, so here we simply outline a few things to take into account when working out your personal optimum coffee intake.
  • Our Favourite Coffee-Flavoured Treats
    As much as we love drinking a fresh brew straight from one of our commercial coffee machines, here at LiquidLine we also enjoy exploring different ways of enjoying delicious coffee. We should preface this by clarifying that we love almost anything coffee-related, and are always up for trying new recipes. Here are simply a few of our favourite classics which we know we can always turn to for coffee enjoyment in food-form.
  • Tea vs. Coffee: Drinker Demographics
    Throughout the UK and across the globe, hot drinks are our beverage of choice in a whole host of situations. From setting ourselves up for the day at the breakfast table, enjoying a catch up with a friend or finding fuel to get through the last couple of hours of the working day, both tea and coffee act as reliable friends in many settings and climates. Whilst many people love both drinks and simply prefer one over the other only based on their activity or the time of day, many others have a sworn favourite. In this article, we take a look at how age, location and occupation can play a part in determining which of the two will be an individual’s preference.
  • Business Over Coffee
    At LiquidLine, we believe coffee can improve many situations, and business meetings are certainly one of them. Here are a few reasons we prefer to have difficult conversations, make important decisions or get excited about an upcoming project with a mug of our favourite hot drink in hand.
  • Summer 2018 Coffee Shop Trends for Retailers
    After a long winter and an unusual spring (it snowed in March this year!) summer is finally upon us. The weather is warmer and the evenings are longer. And it isn’t just the flowers that are in full bloom- the high street’s seasonal menus are out!
  • Summer 2018 Coffee Shop Trends for Workplace
    It’s official- summer is here. No more leaving the house in the dark and getting home in the dark! The black tights can go away and the linen suits can once again make an appearance. Hooray! But this isn’t the only good news- the high street coffee retailers have launched their summer menus.
  • 10 Things Coffee Lovers can do to Help the Environment
    It’s World Environment Day on Tuesday 5th June so we are considering our impact on the environment a little more than usual at the moment. David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series has brought the reality of our overuse of plastics and their devastating impact on the environment firmly into the public consciousness. The effect and its ripples has been truly remarkable, with governments and large organisations across the world looking at large scale measures to reduce the environmental damage caused by plastic.
  • Cool for the Summer: Experiencing Cold Coffee
    Two scorching bank holiday weekends in one month have left most of us Brits bewildered at the realisation of this British fantasy, and almost thankful for the torrential rain that has poured down on us since. Still, we’re more than happy that the weather is set to pick up again and it looks like we have many more days of sunshine to enjoy over the next week or two.
    When you tell people that you work in the coffee industry, the presumption is often that you’re a coffee snob. People can become nervous about making coffee for you in their home, assuming that the jar of instant coffee they have in the kitchen won’t be good enough for you. But on the contrary here at Liquidline. We remain true instant coffee lovers and we know that we’re not the only ones!
  • Coffee Habits Across Europe
    As the holiday season approaches and you start to think about holidaying in Europe, read our guide to coffee across the continent.
  • Gaining Customers Through Coffee
    Offering a valuable product or service is the most fundamental aspect for driving sales in any industry. However, those working in business development will know that sales can be difficult, and that the impression of the salesperson themselves along with the entire purchase experience is an essential part of convincing the potential customer to part with their cash. As with most of the issues we face, at Liquid Line we like to solve this using coffee. Here are the top reasons we think serving great coffee can help your business development team to increase sales.
  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee- Bring on the Summer!
    At Liquidline we’re always looking for new ways for our customers (and their customers!) to enjoy coffee. Now that the Beast from the East is a distant, train-cancelling, memory, we can turn towards Spring and Summer and start to enjoy our coffee not just cool- but ice cold!
  • The Easter Egg Mocha
    Easter or ‘Chocolate Season’ as we like to call is almost upon us.
  • Introducing the Cafetouch Thermofoam
    At Liquidline we pride ourselves on innovation- so much so that it’s one of our core values. So, we are always excited to launch new equipment- particularly when they solve our customers’ day to day challenges.
  • How to Make the Ultimate Irish Coffee
    With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner, many bars, pubs and other establishments will be gearing up for a day of booze-infused revelry.
  • Welcome to Liquidline- Emma Hewett!
    We are pleased to welcome Emma Hewett to our Client Development team. Emma joined us in February and is already blazing a trail amongst the Liquidline team and customer base alike.
  • Coffee Recycling - Liquidline Make the News!
    This week, ITV News East Anglia produced a feature about coffee recycling. Liquidline partner bio-bean are blazing a trail in the UK collecting waste coffee grounds from organisations large and small and transforming them into useful products like coffee logs, bio pellets and cosmetics.
  • Focus on Fairtrade
    It's Fairtrade Fortnight! From 26 February to 11 March join us in supporting the farmers and workers who grow our food. With Fairtrade we have the power to change the world every day. Fairtrade opens doors. Come on in.
  • A Brief History of Our Coffee Love Story
    With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it feels as though the world is awash with lavish acts of romance and starry-eyed faces at the moment. It’s heart-warming to see so many people all loved-up, but we all know that the romantic intensity comes and goes and that by the weekend we’ll all be back to arguing over the washing up. Thankfully at Liquidline we can direct our affections to a stronger bond, a love more secure, a passion that will never let us down: coffee.
  • Creating the Perfect Latte
    In recent years the latte has been promoted from occasional treat to daily staple. Could you get through a day without one? Have you ever wondered what elements come together to create the perfect latte? Read on to find out.
  • The Benefits of Providing Good Coffee in your Workplace
    There’s no denying that we’re a coffee-obsessed culture. We may not sit at roadside cafés sipping espresso like the French or Italians, but for a great number of us, making a coffee is first on the agenda when we arrive in the office every morning
  • It's January - Time to Tea-Tox
    Give your body a little help this festive season. Drinking green tea can help the “detoxification” process
  • Coffee and the Great British Office Party!
    Gone are the days when the festive season consisted of a boozy bash in the staff canteen, abounding in lukewarm sausage rolls and pork pies; when everyone, including the boss, traipsed in the next morning, head in hands, to nurse a miserable cup of instant while hissing at the photocopier to just keep it down a bit! Office workers of Britain, we have moved on!
  • Coffee Cocktails to try this Christmas
    Coffee cocktails present new and exciting ways to drink coffee. They're delicious and fun and can be enjoyed in a range of settings, from home to bars and even the office Christmas party. Wherever you drink them, they’re guaranteed to bring enough excitement to turn a gathering into a special event.
  • Liquidline Coffee Masterclass
    As part of our commitment to investing in our staff and developing our passion for coffee, this week we ran a Coffee Masterclass for our Client Management, Customer Service, Business Development and Marketing teams.
  • From pressure to pour over - coffee brewing methods you can try
    A few years ago, if asked, you would have been quite certain of the type of coffee you wanted - but it's all different now...
  • 3 Festive Hot Drinks Recipes You Can Make in Your Office
    With the festive season upon us, the time to be creative with hot drinks is now! Here are 3 festive hot drinks recipes to make you the office hero…
  • The Growth of Coffee Within the Automotive Sector
    Quality coffee is now more than just a perk - it is an essential ingredient of customer satisfaction. The Automotive industry understands this better than most- read on to find out more!
  • New Face Joins the Business Development Team
    Our newest member is quite extraordinary. Welcoming Farryl to the Liquidline team with open arms!
  • The History and Times of the Pumpkin Spice Latte
    We're settling into cozy jumper season with some pumpkin spice lattes. Read on for more on this festive fave!
  • Case Study: Zentura
    Zentura is a leading office fit out and refurbishment company who work with corporate clients based in London. With fast track projects and a quick turnaround times, Zentura’s suppliers must be reliable and fit with their mission to provide peace of mind. Liquidline have worked with Zentura on various projects to provide refreshment solutions. The most recent Zentura/Liquidline collaboration was a fit-out at Alteryx.
  • Go Organic this September!
    Small changes make a big difference, so this September join us in encouraging all things organic!
  • Introducing the Newest Addition to our Customer Service Team
    Liquidline continues growth within the Customer Services Department as we welcome Jade Plumb, bringing the fantastic team to a total of four.
  • Liquidline opens new branch in Coventry, the Midlands
    As part of Liquidline’s goal to provide barista quality coffee all around the UK, we have recently opened our fifth branch set in the Midlands. This now means our Midland clients have easier access to see and taste the wonderful coffee, produced from a whole different range of machines. Based in Coventry, our sales representatives Lane and David are on hand to help and assist customers in finding the perfect solution for their workplace facilities.
  • Welcoming Jyden to our Business Development Team
    Welcoming our newest Business Development Manager to Liquidline. Jyden joined Liquidline in July and is working closely with the automotive sector building great relationships with customers.
  • Liquidline Secures New Anglia LEP Business Grant
    We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a New Anglia LEP business grant.
  • Case Study - White Oak Underwriting Agency
    White Oak Underwriting Agency focuses on claims, guaranteed asset protection, commercial insurances and extended warranties. The far reach experience of their underwriting and claims teams enables them to stand high above the providers in the market by offering specialist products. Read more here...
  • Introducing The Latest Coffee Enthusiast
    Liquidline appoint new staff member, David who has a huge passion for great tasting coffee.
  • Coffee-to-Go, Cashing in on Convenience
    It is no secret that we lead busier lives than ever before. The majority of consumers are now expecting to encounter products and services which are able to address their fast-paced requirements. One prime example of this trend can be seen in the industry of on-the-go coffee.
  • New Face Joins the Sales Team
    Expansion for Liquidline as Lane joins the Sales team at our new branch in Coventry.
  • Coffee & Chocolate – The Perfect Pair!
    Pop into your local restaurant and the bartender will be sure to assist you in pairing a great glass of wine with your meal – Chardonnay, Shiraz or Merlot today! Sometimes all you are after is a good old cuppa, to sit down and enjoy. Now that’s where we spill the beans.
  • Case Study: Urban&Civic
    Urban&Civic strive to be a first class property company, crafting commercial developments and strategic sites. As a company they own over 4,000 acres of land across the UK and will deliver 20,000 new homes, 6 million sq.ft of business space, 11 primary schools and 3 secondary schools.
  • Water - It's Brain Food! Benefits of Drinking Water
    If you're not properly hydrated you could experience reduced short-term memory and poor concentration or possibly headaches and tiredness. Whether it be at work or school, most of us are multi-taskers these days and in order to perform and concentrate, well staying hydrated is the key to taking care of your brain.
  • Stay Chilled, It's Cold Coffee Season!
    As summer makes its annual appearance, coffee lovers turn to colder versions of their favourite drink. Those wonderful hot coffees that felt so comforting during the cold, dark days of winter are no longer 'flavour of the month'. Now the trend is focusing towards cold coffee, and coffee lovers are looking forward to their favourite ice-cold coffee drinks over the summer months.
  • Our Sales Force is Growing
    Due to continued growth within Liquidline, we have appointed Nathan Smith as our eighth Business Development Manager. Welcome aboard!
  • Twitter Coffee Week 2017
    May 22nd saw the arrival of the Twitter Coffee Week, 5 days packed with some serious coffee action.
  • Case Study: Beale & Company
    Established in 1838, Beale & Company are a commercial firm with specialist experience in the construction, engineering, insurance, professions and technology sectors. Operating from offices in London, Bristol, Dublin and Dubai they provide clients with a first class service, wherever they are in the world. Read more here...
  • The Retail Conference 2017
    Liquidline were proud to sponsor The Retail Conference 2017 and provided Café Bonté coffee from our Cafétouch bean to cup machines free of charge to all delegates.
  • New Branch Opens in Yeovil
    As part of our commitment to bringing our customers amazing barista quality coffee nationwide, we are delighted to announce that we have opened a new branch in Yeovil, Somerset.
  • New £1 Coin
    By now you will have started seeing the new 12 sided £1.00 coin, but did you know the old £1.00 will cease to be legal tender on 15th October 2017.
  • Introducing the Newest Addition to our Accounts Department
    Sandra has recently joined Liquidline and is doing well in training whilst working alongside our Finance Manager Edward.
  • Case Study: Downing College
    The picturesque grounds of Downing College were founded in 1800 by Sir George Downing. 20 acres of artistry, situated in the centre of Cambridge. Dowing's neo-classical buildings, home to 420 undergraduates, 220 graduates, 50 fellows and over 130 staff, are set amongst elegant, well-kept gardens. Read more below...
  • New Intenso Coffee Beans
    For the true connoisseur, coffee is not a mere drink - it's an experience. Each selection of coffee beans is unique and carries its own spirit, flavour and aroma. If you like trying new ranges of coffee beans, you will love learning about the new Intenso product from Café Bonté, Liquidline.
  • Emily Bond joins Liquidline as our London Based Client Manager
    Our Client Manager team expands as we welcome Emily Bond to the company. Emily will primarily be based in the London office supporting our London sales team.
  • Case Study: Ipswich Audi
    Marriott Motor Group is a family run business with over 100 years experience in the automotive industry. They focus on building long-lasting relationships with customers all over East Anglia - delivering a service that is tailored to suit you. Ipswich Audi is just one of three Audi dealerships that are part of the Marriott Motor Group. Read more below...
  • Fresh Face joins Customer Services
    Liquidline are seeing more growth within the Customer Services Department as we welcome Donna Allaton, bringing the phenomenal team to a total of three.
  • Liquidline Welcomes New Marketing Executive
    We are pleased to welcome Lauren Maynard who has joined us in the marketing department and will be fundamental in the marketing strategy for 2017.
  • Keep Hotel Guests Happy with Liquidline's Guide to Great Coffee
    We think that if your hotel is offering fantastic food and superb service, then you should also be treating your guests to great coffee- that remains great every time. Reliable coffee is part of our expertise and we want to share our knowledge with you!
  • Doing Good Tastes Better
    We hear so much these days about sustainability, fair trade, organic and environmentally friendly produce, but when it comes to your daily cup of coffee, what does it really mean?
  • Adrian O’Brien Joins Liquidline as Operations Manager
    Due to continued growth Liquidline has appointed Adrian O’Brien as Operations Manager.
  • Liquidline enjoys ‘Fun at Work Day’
    At Liquidline we understand that fun in the workplace leads to increased employee productivity.
  • Top Tips for Outstanding Customer Service
    Here at Liquidline we know how important it is to keep your customers happy.
  • Liquidline Sponsors Agile Working Seminar
    At Liquidline we know how important it is to keep your workforce happy. That is why we are delighted to be co-sponsoring the Rhino Interiors Agile Working Seminar to be held in Birmingham on Thursday 6 October.
  • Join the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
    At Liquidline we are proud to support the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 30 September.
  • International Coffee Day
    Saturday 01 October 2016 sees the second annual International Coffee Day.
  • Upgrade Your Coffee Machine Today – Exclusive Offer
    We’re pleased to offer our existing customers a free upgrade to the Mars Drinks™ Flavia® Barista machine for the same price as the Flavia® Creation 500.
  • Liquidline Attends Headway Workshop to Help People Back to Work
    At Liquidline we are not just passionate about coffee; we’re also passionate about helping the community. Yesterday our Office Manager Sara Alexander attended a workshop at Headway to share her tips on gaining employment.
  • Congratulations Kevin Rigby
    A massive congratulations to Kevin Rigby who has been with Liquidline for 10 solid years.
  • Introducing our Cafetouch 6
    Combining innovative features with premium components from some of Europe’s most respected manufacturers. Bringing together flexible and reliable machine operation with unsurpassed beverage quality, this machine sets the standard for beverage vending solutions.
  • A Coffee Marinade for Your Roast Dinner
    It's a little known fact that coffee can actually help in the preparation of your Christmas dinner!
  • From Crop to Cup - The Coffee Bean's Long Journey
    The coffee plant is grown in more than 70 countries, with Arabica coffee supplying 75% of the world's production...
  • Examining Coffee Traditions Throughout the World
    We all love coffee, from a hastily-made cup of instant coffee to wake us up in the morning, to a gourmet cup of coffee made from freshly-ground beans brewed in a French press. But how do the people around the world enjoy their coffee? This article aims to find out several coffee traditions that are practised around the globe.
  • Unlimited coffee – the future of coffee retail?
    Cinemas have been doing it for ages and now a New York coffee chain has got in on the act, offering unlimited coffee for a set price. Fair Folk & a Goat shops, which have outlets in New York’s trendy Greenwich Village and East Village neighbourhoods, is offering unlimited coffee for $25 a month.
  • How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee
    There's no better method of starting your day, when the weather gets colder and the mornings darker, than with a good cup of real coffee.
  • Northern Ireland – The New Big Player In The Coffee Game?
    When thinking about coffee and the locations across the world that is most associated with it, exotic destinations such as Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia and Vietnam immediately come to mind.
  • China: The Future for Coffee?
    In order to keep up with the rising demand for coffee beans, China is set to rescue coffee-lovers from the imminent shortage of one of the world’s most popular beverages.
  • The Best Coffee Shop in the UK is in…
    …Burnley! When you think of the top coffee shops and cafés around the world, you'd think of New York's cool coffee shops, the famous cafés of Paris, the 'Dolce vita' of Rome … but you wouldn't think of Burnley!
  • Coffee Benefits: Mental Stimulation
    More good news for coffee drinkers, research has established that moderate caffeine intake can help to improve concentration...!
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015
    On the 25th September we see the annual return of the fantastic charity fundraising event, The Macmillan Coffee Morning. The World's Biggest Coffee Morning began in 1990 and it is now the biggest single fundraising event for the cancer support charity.
  • Providing Liquid Life to the Kenyan Masses
    One of the issues faced by many third-world countries is the inability to access clean drinking water. This is particularly prevalent in many of the slums of Kenya. However, such a problem is about to change thanks to an innovative approach taken by the local government...
  • International Coffee Day - 29th September 2015
    Regardless of whether you prefer the heady experience that is an espresso, or the creamy richness of a latte, coffee lovers over the world always welcome International Coffee Day...Though that's not to say that hardened coffee aficionados need any excuse to drink more!
  • Birmingham's Tiny New Coffee Outlet Squares Up to Starbucks
    Britain's love affair with coffee shows no signs of petering out, with high street coffee shop chains and independents continuing to thrive, however one new arrival to Birmingham's coffee scene is causing something of a stir...
  • Café Culture is Brewing in Britain...
    In recent years there has been an evident rise in the number of cafés; whether they be independent or large chain stores. Claims have been made that cafés are set to surpass local pubs by the year 2026...
  • Why now is better than ever for your favourite piping hot brew
    During the summer months many are quick to reach for the ice cold drinks in a bid to keep cool but this counter-intuitive trick can beat the heat...
  • The Essential Coffee Lovers Travel Guide
    Still looking for the perfect holiday this summer? Here's the top 5 travel destinations for coffee lovers...
  • Coffee In The Workplace Infographic
    Have you seen our latest infographic? Some interesting facts about coffee and the workplace, but also a great statistic from Liquidline at the end!
  • Café Bonté Re-launched At The Cambridge Culinary Competition!
    The Cambridge Culinary Competition, we could not have chosen a better place to launch our fantastic rebranded Café Bonté brand!
  • The End of the Frappuccino?
    While it seems a little too soon to say that consumers are turning their backs on frappuccinos, 2015 has seen a marked increase in the demand for quality coffees...
  • Energy Drinks Vs Coffee: Choose a Healthy Brew
    Many of us like to kick off our day with a refreshing, energising cup of coffee. It's well known that caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee, improves alertness and makes us feel more awake, sharper. However...
  • Coffee Farms Are Providing Sanctuary To Endangered Ecosystems
    Do you like your coffee green or black? When you take an invigorating sip of coffee, however you take it, take a moment to picture where it comes from...
  • How to Be a Better Driver? Drink More Water!
    The question of how much water you should drink each day has been hotly debated for a long time, but does it make you a better driver?!
  • Does Coffee Help You Stay Slim?
    According to Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London, coffee and Belgian beer have shown indications that they might be an unlikely solution to staying slim....
  • Time for a Coffee Break on the ISS...
    You may not have thought about this before, but here’s an interesting question: how do you brew coffee in zero gravity conditions?
  • Coffee's Future - The coming of Robocoff?
    Baristas beware - the race has been on for some time to create a creative coffee-serving robot and, thanks to crowd-sourced instructions, it's no longer science fiction but science fact.
  • Coffee Benefits – The Myth Buster!
    Approximately 70 million cups of coffee are consumed every day all over the UK. However despite its popularity, coffee has a rather negative public image...
  • The Return of the London Coffee Festival
    At the end of April, more than 250 artisan coffee vendors and producers will be exhibiting at London's much anticipated 2nd coffee festival, the UK's largest coffee and artisan food festival.
  • The 2015 Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo
    This June we are presenting the Cafétouch commercial coffee machine at the Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo. Come along and have a coffee on us!
  • Lavazza Coffee - It's Here...
    Lavazza, the coffee name established in Italy in 1895, that is known throughout the world, has arrived at Liquidline. Discover Lavazza with Liquidline today and get in touch to sample the Lavazza blends.
  • Coffee Miraculously Helps Us Get Things Done
    Trying to meet important deadlines, getting through piles of work, and even doing revision for exams, all demand that we concentrate much more during the day, which impacts us mentally and physically, and makes us want to curl up, take a nap, and forget about all of it!
  • Have you tried Carbonated Coffee
    Carbonated coffee? Yes, you heard right. Here in the UK we've had to get used to something of a revolution in our caffeinated beverages over the past few years:
  • Genetically Modified Coffee - Around The Corner?
    Since a consortium of scientists recently sequenced the coffee genome of the robusta plant variety, the possibility of genetically modified coffee took a further leap forward
  • 5 Cups a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
    We all know that we’re supposed to consume five pieces of fruit and veg a day, but, did you know that five cups of coffee a day are good for you - and that's official!
  • Cafétouch Becomes The Highest Coffee Machine In Western Europe!
    We are extremely excited to announce that our Cafétouch 3700 commercial coffee machine has been installed in The View from The Shard, the iconic glass building in London - making it the highest coffee machine in Western Europe at 800 feet high!
  • Green Tea - A Drink Full of Benefits?
    Green tea is more than just a pleasant drink, or an alternative to a nice cuppa of the black variety. Widely available in Asia for more than four thousand years (first appearing in China) potential health benefits have been known for some time, but it's only the last few years that it has they have been embraced by the mainstream.
  • Café Bonté Launching at Cambridge Culinary Competition
    Your chance to get an early preview of the launch of our Café Bonté brand at the Cambridge Culinary Competition!
  • Say Goodbye To Coffee Waiters And Waitresses in 20 years
    Mind Your Own Business (MYOB), is an Australian multinational corporation and they have just released the “Future of Business in Australia 2040 report.” An interesting point for coffee lovers is that in the report, it says that drones will take your order in coffee shops and deliver your order to you
  • Coffee Time - Which Coffee Should I Drink At What Time?
    The huge range of different types of coffees that are now available can appear overwhelming and leave coffee lovers with a difficult choice to make when they want a drink, especially when they factor in the time of day!
  • Coffee Calendar - Winter to Spring
    While the debate over Arabica beans vs Robusta continues apace, as a coffee lover, you may well be more interested in coffees which are particularly palatable at this time of year, as we gradually shed the dark nights of winter and trade them for fresh spring breezes. Here, we outline some of the top coffee picks for this post-Christmas, pre-spring moment and beyond.
  • Make Bulletproof Coffee Your New Year's Resolution!
    With January traditionally being the time of grey mornings and salad in your packed lunch, you might be surprised to learn that coffee is actually a real contender when it comes to healthy eating and positive lifestyle change.
  • Let the Festive Coffees Be Poured!
    Coffee, being a stimulant, is naturally a social drink. While we don't need an excuse to pour a coffee at any time of the year, Christmas get-togethers with friends, family or colleagues (especially if you only have a few hours to spare) are even better if they take place over a couple of cosy cups.
  • Health Benefits of Coffee
    The amount of coffee consumed every day, in its' many different guises, across the globe is truly amazing. Yet how many people know the beneficial effects they are receiving?
  • Cafétouch showcase creates queues in Chelmsford!
    The Chelmsford City Showcase is part of Global Entrepreneur Week and provides valuable business advice, including free seminars and the chance to network with other business professionals…
  • The Benefits of Fruit Juice
    With more and more people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, juicing has become increasingly popular...
  • What to do with your leftover coffee grounds...
    It’s no surprise to hear that coffee is now one of the most popular beverages in the world, indeed it seems that the corporate business world runs on coffee! Millions of coffees are sold each morning across the globe and the coffee industry is one of the most lucrative on the planet.
  • And the winner is...
    This year we launched our first competition through our website, the chance to win a fantastic Jura Impressa F8 coffee machine. Well, we are happy to announce that it has been won!
  • A Secret Beauty Elixir - Water!
    Water. We’re told time and time again we should drink more of it, and it’s true. We need it. It does wonders for the body, helping maintain the balance of body fluids, keeping the kidneys and bowels functioning properly, feeding the brain and energising muscles.
  • Trust Me I’m a Doctor Tackles Coffee
    Trust Me, I'm a Doctor is a BBC show that has a panel of personable doctors that cut through the confusing health information we receive on a daily basis. In Season 2, Episode 3, they tackle a subject near and dear to many of our hearts - coffee and caffeine.
  • Coffee Cold-Brew: The Hot New Thing in the World of Coffee?
    Keeping up with coffee news and trends can sometimes be a daunting task..
  • Got Coffee on the Brain?
    Mankind has enjoyed a strong cup of coffee for thousands of years due to the energy and alertness that it provides. However, what are the exact mechanisms behind this much-needed boost? It is important to take a look at how coffee affects the brain to fully appreciate the powerful impact that it can have upon our lives.
  • Coffee Consumption - The Infographic
    Check out our fantastic infographic about coffee consumption, and learn some interesting facts! Feel free to share...
  • The Great British Fairness debate
    The 2014 Great British Fairness Debate runs from Monday, September 29th to October 12th. It is a campaign run by the Fairtrade Foundation that has the aim of stimulating debate among the British public as to what exactly is personal fairness.
  • Coffee - How It's Enjoyed Around the World
    Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. It is often a part of people’s daily routine, either as a morning beverage or a post-dinner drink. While the name of the drink is the same, methods of preparing coffee and the rituals and social conventions around drinking coffee can vary widely from country to country.
  • Coffee Then and Now: The Universal Beverage
    Coffee has been known to mankind for thousands of years. Considered an elixir, a medical treatment and even a beverage that enabled us to communicate with the heavens, its uses are as varied as they are interesting...
  • Water: It's not just for throwing over your head
    It's all for a great cause, but calling it an ice bucket challenge is really something of a misnomer. In reality it's been the cold water bucket challenge as few people have dared to have solid pieces of ice dropped over the heads and who can blame them?
  • Ethiopian Coffee Growers Re-establish Essential Forest
    Recent initiatives by Oxfam, in cooperation with the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, are aiming to bring back shade-grown coffee on a larger scale.
  • Cup North, a Coffee Festival to Ensure a Caffeine Kick
    When it’s cold and wet outside, the best way to beat the winter blues is with a cup of something hot and fragrant. That’s why November is the perfect time for Manchester’s new coffee festival, Cup North.
  • Ever wanted to learn more about Arabica Coffee?
    Colombia is one of the world's largest exporters of Arabica coffee beans - the mild, slightly nutty-tasting, high quality bean that's become one of the most popular for coffee lovers across the globe
  • Bottled Water - Good Health Naturally!
    Bottled water has soared in popularity the world over as more and more people learn about, and experience its fabulous health benefits...
  • We Launch 1st Commercial Coffee Machine With Tablet Technology!
    Find out about the brand new and exclusive coffee machine - the Cafétouch! Exciting and innovative technology with barista quality drinks. Perfect for the workplace or showroom...
  • Drinking coffee can improve gym performance
    If you like to hit the gym in your lunch hour or after work, then you might want to consider drinking a couple of cups of coffee before you leave the office..
  • Enjoy strong coffee... and strong teeth!
    Enjoying a cup of black coffee could help to keep your teeth strong and healthy, according to a new piece of scientific research...
  • Call the water waiter!
    A generation ago, encouraging people to enjoy bottled water was like recommending a new and more expensive kind of air...
  • It's fabulous and It's all about the froth!
    For those of you who are Flavia drinks fans, then November has something special in store for you!
  • Raising funds for Magpas Charity, May 2014
    Serving free coffees and teas to everyone at the charity event was most enjoyable!
  • Daily Fruit Juice & Sugar Levels - Need For Concern?
    As the media has been reporting on sugar consumption of late, health authorities warn that readily available and highly nutritious fruit juices are brimming with sugar...
  • A Mocha a Day Keeps the Eye Doctor Away?
    If you see coffee as a pleasure, then you’ll be thrilled to find you’re indulging in something that could actually be an innocent remedy against deteriorating eyesight
  • A visit to the factory. April 2014
    New recruits have an exciting tour of the factory!
  • Fully Certified & Full of Flavour!
    Great news for all Flavia machine users that have been enjoying the fantastic range and taste of Alterra Coffee...
  • Water Boilers that really are Ecoboilers
    If your business or institution is conscious of its energy consumption and wants to take steps to lower its impact on the environment as well as overall costs, there is a way we can help...
  • Billi Gets Gold
    For more than 25yrs Billi has been recognised for quality products, excellent customer care and importantly, sustainability. Well, now that recognition has turned into an award, the Gold Global Greentag Certification.
  • Have a coffee on us at Business East 2014!
    This year we're very excited to announce that we will be attending and exhibiting at the Business East 2014 Conference at Colchester Football Stadium!
  • A New Year, a new look.
    As you're reading this, you may have noticed that we've undertaken a total brand refresh for the Liquidline website - we hope that our customers, new or existing, will like it.
  • Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support
    On 27th September this year, the Macmillan Cancer Support ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ fundraising event takes place once more.
  • NEW and improved Marybake Range
    The Marybake range have a brand new look...
  • Liquidline launches a new product...Peela Juice!
    A new selection of refreshing fruit juice drinks have joined our product range!
  • Liquidline Celebrate 10th Anniversary!
    Yes, June 2013 has seen us reach a milestone in our history - our 10th anniversary!
  • NEW Flavia Alterra coffee. May 2013
    Introducing the new Artisan Roast to the Flavia Alterra coffee range.
  • Coffee sales in the UK. January 2013
    Ground coffee sales proved the fastest-growing category for UK supermarkets in 2012.
  • Liquidline donations help Headley Court Charity. November 2012
    Liquidline provide donations of food and drink to help returning soldiers.