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5 Coffee Hacks that will Revolutionise your Working Day

5 Coffee Hacks that will Revolutionise your Working Day

The key to making the most of your day, is to drink lots of coffee, and to relax, refresh and recharge. Here are some super interesting coffee hacks that will revolutionise your working day and change the way you consume your coffee.

We all know that a hot drink allows us time to reset and recharge for the stressful challenges that lie ahead. To improve the quality of the coffee and coffee experience, there are many steps you can take, including upgrading your office coffee machine.

1. Only use Quality Coffee Beans

Fresh coffee beans is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to brewing great tasting coffee. It can lose its flavour almost instantly especially when it comes into contact with air. Quality coffee beans are usually found packaged in sealed bags with one-way valves which allows gases from inside to get out of the bag but doesn’t let any air in. Most quality coffee beans are Fairtrade approved, which it will state on the packaging, and sourced naturally.

coffee beans in a roaster

2. Drink from a Latte Glass or Cappuccino Mug

Why not be fancy and opt for a branded latte glass instead of your office mug, or a small espresso cup for those quick caffeine kicks. Barista-style crockery can still be used in the office environment, and without the need for a barista. Or you could invest in a spill-proof travel mug that will keep your coffee at maximum temperature on the go.

latte in a glass in a cafe

3. Add Syrups or Sprinkles to Your Coffee

If you want to add flavour to your coffee then be inventive and try out new syrups or sprinkles, such as cinnamon, honey, gingerbread or chocolate. If you are a coffee enthusiast then you will love trying new things. You can even add lemon zest, vanilla beans, nutmeg or orange zest, whatever flavours entice you the most.

coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles

4. Choose your Coffee Break Wisely

Your body naturally produces the stress hormone cortisol at around 7am, noon and 6pm, to give you a burst of energy. Since you are already energised during these times, this is the best time to drink coffee, to make the most of that caffeine hit. Drink it between 9:30am and 11:30am when your cortisol level dips.

coffee break with white mug and food

5. Recycle your Coffee Grounds

That’s right, it is a thing. You can actually recycle your coffee grounds after you have used them and it is very beneficial for the environment too. There are plenty of good uses for coffee grounds, including for your garden as a natural fertiliser, pest repellent, or facial scrub.

plant growing in compost

Coffee works as a major motivator and provides more than enough caffeine to increase levels of adrenaline that allows you to push yourself harder than normal and release fatty acids from your fat tissues. You can even drink coffee 15-45 minutes before a workout to help give you an extra boost. We hope these tips have proved useful to you, why not check out our other tips on how to make the perfect coffee, view here.

More Ideas & Inspiration

We hope these tips have proved useful to you, why not check out our other tips on how to make the perfect coffee?

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