5 Reasons Why Coffee Is A True Valentine

Valentine’s Day – a day where couples exchange traditional, heart felt gifts over candle lit dinners and reminisce on the time together. Unfortunately this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, which means for most of us, if not all, we will be spending most of the day at work. Surely that’s not a reason to miss out on all the fun? The team here at Liquidline have come up with a few reasons why coffee is the perfect Valentine.

1. “It gives you warmer hugs – nothing else comes close to doing that!”

Amy – Client Manager

2. “Coffee is trustworthy. It doesn’t matter where you grab a cup, there is always that guarantee on a caffeine kick and the refreshing flavour. ” 

Lauren – Marketing Executive

3. “Coffee makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Holding a hand is so overrated.” 

Teri – Client Manager

4. “Coffee is the only thing I need.” 

Chester – Business Development Manager

5. “It picks me up when I am feeling down. It’s not just about the taste of coffee either. Studies show that coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer depression than those that don’t.”

Becky – Client Manager

Owning the perfect coffee machine is about making life easier and more efficient for yourself and your employees. Why would you want to go anywhere else for a cuppa when you can make it right in the heart of your canteen/break room?

So how about spoiling your employees this Valentine’s Day and treating them to a coffee machine of their dreams? Think of all the time, money and effort you will save with a fabulous bean-to-cup machine. Not to mention they are great for a social get together.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all at Liquidline!

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