A Brief History of Our Coffee Love Story

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it feels as though the world is awash with lavish acts of romance and starry-eyed faces at the moment. It’s heart-warming to see so many people all loved-up, but we all know that the romantic intensity comes and goes and that by the weekend we’ll all be back to arguing over the washing up. Thankfully at Liquidline we can direct our affections to a stronger bond, a love more secure, a passion that will never let us down: coffee.

It began with Love

Liquidline started from a place of love, being founded by our MD Gavin Pooley back in 2003. Originally a water cooler business, Gavin allowed the company to develop and take shape as he was inspired by what he saw in his customers’ workplaces. Gavin holds a genuine belief in staff engagement and positive encouragement and motivation, which has been of huge benefit to many grateful Liquidline employees! Since way before it was popular, our staff have been enjoying delivered lunches, fresh fruit and, of course, unlimited bean to cup coffee! These acts of generosity demonstrating employee value have created a loving, comfortable environment as well as a determined passion for our brand.

brief history of coffee

Personal Passion

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one personal passion of our managing director is… wait for it… coffee. Since his personality shines through in his treatment of staff and our office environment, it came naturally that this passion should have a role to play in the product offerings of our business as well.

Coffee beans in heart shape

Coffee Culture

This coincided conveniently with the growth in popularity of coffee in the UK in general. Coffee shops have started to pop up in remarkable numbers throughout cities, on town high streets and even in quaint village squares. This trend has brought us Brits to become accustomed with a quality cup of coffee, so we’re no longer satisfied with a quick cup of instant to get us through the working day. And so Liquidline expanded to bring coffee culture to the work place through our range of commercial coffee machines. We count it as no accident that our coffee machines are manufactured just outside of Venice, one of the world’s most romantic cities. Italian romance plus Italian coffee is always a winning combo.

espresso machiatto

Liquid Romance

In addition to all the advantages coffee brings to the workplace, it can also have great effects on romantic relationships. Couples wanting to take things slow and date casually for a while before things get too serious are likely to enjoy coffee dates in a café, since the chilled environment and comfort of a hot coffee is sure to put you both at ease. At the other end of the scale, those lucky enough to have a fancy dinner date booked for Valentine’s Day can enjoy an after-dinner coffee from the extensive coffee menu most restaurants now offer. This is the perfect way to round off your meal, as well as a great source of energy whilst the night is still young!

history of coffee

Whether you’re at work, on a first date or rekindling romance with your long term partner, coffee is an essential element of any love story, and it’s certainly central to ours here at Liquidline.

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