Best Filter Coffee Machines for Business 2021

You’ve already taken the first step by deciding to invest in a commercial coffee machine for your business – great! But with so many different options available it can be difficult to find the best machine for your circumstances.

In this blog, our coffee experts take a look at the best filter coffee machines on the market and the features you should look for when choosing the best machine for your business.

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What is a Filter Coffee Machine?

A filter coffee machine uses gravity to force hot water through ground coffee beans to produce large volumes of delicious black coffee. 

Manual versions require the user to pour cold water into a reservoir, which is then heated to approximately 92℃ before being dispersed evenly onto the coffee grounds. 

Plumbed in models are also available that automatically draw water through the mains water supply, which is especially useful when large amounts of coffee are required for events and conferences. 

Once served, consumers can add milk and sugar to coffee to suit their tastes.

Best Filter Coffee Machine for Self Service

Marco het 6 machine

Marco Jet 6 Filter Coffee Machine

When consumers are serving themselves you want the process to be quick, easy and safe. For that reason, the Marco Jet 6 Filter Coffee Machine is ideal for self-service environments such as in a hotel breakfast buffet, business meetings and conferences. 

Coffee is filtered directly into a portable urn with an integrated flip-type dispenser tap. Simply pull the tap forward to pour coffee into your cup then push back when your cup is full.

Best Filter Coffee Machine for Events

Marco maxibew

Marco Maxibrew Twin Commercial Coffee Machine

For big events and conferences where delegates need to be kept refreshed throughout the day, the Marco Maxibrew Twin Commercial Coffee Machine is just the ticket. Capable of dispensing an impressive 529 cups of freshly made coffee per hour, and 467 cups of boiling water for tea, your guest’s cups will never go empty.

Best Filter Coffee Machine for Offices


Bravilor Bonamat TH 10 Filter Coffee Machine

Speed and convenience are key in an office environment, so if you’re looking for a compact, flexible and user-friendly machine, the Bravilor Bonamat TH 10 Filter Coffee Machine is an excellent low maintenance option. The manual fill water system means it can be placed in any location and isn’t tied to a mains water supply.

Best Portable Filter Coffee Machine

Bru filter coffee machine

Marco Bru Auto Filter Machine

If you’re an outside caterer and require a more portable filter coffee machine then we would recommend the Marco Bru Auto Filter Machine. This manual fill machine is compact, lightweight and can be used anywhere there’s a mains electric connection.

Pros & Cons of Filter Coffee Machines


Low Upfront Cost 

Due to the simple mechanics within a filter coffee machine, they are generally much cheaper to purchase than other types of coffee machines, such as bean to cup or traditional espresso machines that are much more sophisticated in terms of technology. 

Cost-Effective Coffee 

Filter coffee machines offer an extremely cost-effective solution to brewing large volumes of fresh black coffee. Some machines even offer portion control, allowing you to control profit margins. 

High Volumes 

A filter coffee machine not only brews large volumes of coffee quickly, but some models even include insulated urns and hot plates to maintain temperature control.


Black Coffee Only

The biggest disadvantage of filter coffee machines is that they only offer plain black coffee. If you’re looking to serve a range of more exciting speciality coffees to your customers and team then a bean to cup coffee machine would be more suitable. 


As filter coffee machines rely on gravity to drip water through the coffee grounds, unlike a traditional espresso machine that uses pressure, it can take a little while to prepare the coffee. Whilst large volumes of black coffee can be prepared and stored, it’s important to start brewing well ahead of time.

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