Billi Gets Gold

For more than 25yrs Billi has been recognised for quality products, excellent customer care and importantly, sustainability. Well, now that recognition has turned into an award, the Gold Global Greentag Certification.

Added: 14th March 2014

Billi invented the concept of under the counter instant boiling and chilled water systems over 25 years ago. Since the early 1990’s these instant hot or cold water taps have been available and proved an instant success: energy efficient, space saving and of course delivering a high standard at a high rate. Well, now they have had golden recognition of their great product!

Billi have achieved the first ever Gold Global Greentag Certification rating for boiling and chilled water units. This award is based on 6 categories where products are scored to give an overall sustainability rating. Billi has always been committed to the environment and helping businesses and commercial operations decrease their carbon footprint by reducing their environmental impact when it comes to water and energy wastage. So this award is great recognition for the Australian manufacturer.

The great news for businesses is that there are Billi taps for any size setting, for the small office to large showrooms – so if you’re wanting to experience the ease of instant hot or chilled filtered water, there will be an option for you: The Billi Quadra Compact is perfect for up to 12 users, the Billi Quadra 440 is suitable for up to 40 users, the Billi Quadra 460 for 60 users and the Billi Quadra 4100 can deal with a huge 100 users, without breaking into a sweat!

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