Cafétouch showcase creates queues in Chelmsford!

The Chelmsford City Showcase is part of Global Entrepreneur Week and provides valuable business advice, including free seminars and the chance to network with other business professionals…

Added: 04th December 2014

…and on 19th November, we made the trip to Chelmsford so that we could show and display the Cafétouch 3700 commercial coffee machine

The Cafétouch uses the latest technology for ease of use (and offers WI FI streaming capability and a video screen) as well as creating outstanding tasting drinks.

Not only that, it is exclusive to Liquidline and can only be ordered through us. It goes without saying that we are incredibly proud to be the sole distributors of the Cafétouch and it was great to let people see and enjoy this machine and sample the mouth-watering quality of drinks.

So how was it received?

Well, we all know that we Brits like to queue, but not without reason or purpose – however a freshly made coffee (fresh from the bean!) from our Cafétouch 3700 machine appears to be worth the wait! While coffee was on offer at the exhibition, nothing could compete with the quality drink we offered, and we soon had queues at our stall to sample our coffee, while the aroma of the beans made heads turn throughout the exhibition.

Overall we found the day incredibly worthwhile and enjoyed getting to meet and refresh everyone who visited our stall. So keep an eye out for Liquidline stalls at future events and you too could get to enjoy some wonderful coffee, while seeing the Cafétouch in action!
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