Call the water waiter!

A generation ago, encouraging people to enjoy bottled water was like recommending a new and more expensive kind of air…

…It was something they already had at home, but dressed up with a fancy label and bottle. However, over the years we’ve woken up to water. It’s no longer simply about the brand or the advertising: it’s about the taste.

Following Britain’s wine revolution and our passion for craft beers, are we ready to become a nation of water lovers?

All about options

Colette, the French capital’s most popular department store, is also home to one of its most talked-about cafes. The food looks as stylish as everything and everyone else here, but the real talking point is the “Water Bar” and the drinks list. Over 60 different waters are drawn from wells in Norway, springs in India or the depths of Scottish mountains. Amazingly, this selection is the least faddish thing here – the waters really do taste different.

Keep it pure

So is Britain ready for a wave of water dispensers and H2O bars? And do we really need them? Health-wise, maybe we do. The Royal College of Nursing recommends a water intake of somewhere between 1.2 litres to 2.2 litres (for women) or 3 litres (for men). If the experts agree on anything, it’s that most adults don’t even get close. Their evidence also suggests that it’s best to top up gradually, with gentle sips and plenty of water-cooler moments. Most strikingly, dehydration of just 1%– before our thirst properly alerts us – can make our working capacity crash by 25%, whether we’re doing physical labour or sitting behind a desk.

It seems we’re due a change. And if we’re going to drink more water, let’s enjoy it more too. That needn’t mean investing time in understanding pH values or nitrogen content, but just getting more access to quality drinking water.

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