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Coffee And The Great Outdoors

Coffee And The Great Outdoors

With the current heatwave shining down over the UK this week, many of us can hardly wait to get outside. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy dinner on the terrace or are looking forward to a long hike in the countryside this weekend, the sunshine offers plenty of opportunities that we’re to embrace with open arms whilst the good weather lasts. Of course, at LiquidLine we still have coffee at the top of our list of priorities, so here are a few suggestions we’ve come up with for enjoying coffee outside.

Coffee for Camping

If you’re heading outdoors for the whole weekend and pitching up tent for the night, you may well want to wake up to a comforting, freshly-brewed cup of coffee. Sadly, our commercial coffee machines aren’t going to be much use here, so you’ll have to get a little more creative. Being prepared is essential, make sure you’ve got a sufficient supply of high-quality coffee: to save yourself carrying too much equipment it’s probably worth taking ground coffee, but if you prefer the full fresh-coffee experience you can always take beans and a small hand grinder. You’ll also need a camping stove to boil the water, as well as a cafetière, areopress or whatever equipment you prefer for brewing your coffee.

happy camper mug

A Country Walk

For those wanting a lengthy walk outdoors without the full camping experience, the most straight-forward tactic is to make a good brew before you head out and take it with you in a thermal flask. Of course, this is never as good as a freshly brewed coffee, but by using good quality coffee beans to start with this should do the job. A good flask should keep the coffee nice and hot, particularly in this warm weather!

Woman walking with coffee in hand

A Day in the Park

If you’re a city dweller or simply don’t have the energy to venture further than the local park, there’s no reason you shouldn’t also enjoy a coffee outdoors. Of course, the thermal flask also works in this situation, but this can also be a fun opportunity to try out iced coffees. Particularly if the park is fairly close to where you live, why not invest in some mason jar glass mugs, filled these with an iced version of your favourite coffee and head out to enjoy them in the sunshine! There are tonnes of recipes available online for making these drinks at home, many of which are far simpler than you might expect.

Thermal mug

We know that one of the few consolations for being stuck at work in such hot weather is being able to use the office coffee machine, but it turns out it’s not so difficult to enjoy good coffee outside too!


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