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Coffee Calendar – Winter to Spring

Coffee Calendar – Winter to Spring

While the debate over Arabica beans vs Robusta continues apace, as a coffee lover, you may well be more interested in coffees which are particularly palatable at this time of year, as we gradually shed the dark nights of winter and trade them for fresh spring breezes. Here, we outline some of the top coffee picks for this post-Christmas, pre-spring moment and beyond.

Added: 14th January 2015

Sumatra Mandheling

Fresh from the slopes of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, this herbal, earthy, and incredibly intense coffee is best enjoyed dark roasted, and is a perfect jolt of energy for the sluggish and apathetic amongst us at this time of year. It’s spicy and exotic too: this fancy bean will have you dreaming of lush islands, ocean breezes, and swaying palm trees as it gently lifts you into warmer spring weather.

Organic Timor Maubesse

Sharing the island of Timor with its much larger neighbour Indonesia, the East Timor coffee industry is small, and fighting to emerge from the shadow of its former rulers. Nonetheless, East Timor coffee is rich and fulfilling- a perfect antidote to long commutes that begin and end in the dark. As with all coffees, be sure to buy organic and Fair Trade, as most of East Timor’s growers are impoverished smallholders.

Ethiopian Harar

Coffea arabica, the coffee plant, originates in Ethiopia, with 3% of all the world’s coffee beans being grown in the country today. If you want genuine coffee, Ethiopian is the way to go- it’s the birthplace of the beverage. These beans from the mountains of the eastern Harar district have a 1000 year heritage and yield a medium-strength, distinctly chocolately beverage, that’s perfect for a pick-me-up on colder, darker days.

Brazilian Safira

This coffee lends itself particularly well to single-origin espressos and cappuccinos, thanks to its low levels of acidity and natural sweetness. This particular bean is popular with the Italian premium brands, who choose its rich flavours for the basis of their dark roasts. This bean is excellent for coffees at this time of year as we head into spring, and away from the heavier, stronger brews we may have enjoyed over the Christmas and winter period.

Cuba Caracolillo

“Cuban coffee?” you ask doubtfully. “Yes!” we enthusiastically reply. Made with 100% peaberry beans, this unusual coffee is completely without bitterness, and needs no milk or sugar to temper it. The delicate sweetness of these Arabica beans make Cuba Caracolillo a perfect drink for late winter and early spring- uplifting without being cloying, and full-bodied without being overpowering: fans swear by it and drink nothing else. Raise a cup of post-Christmas cheer with this tasty Cuban treat.
No matter what your coffee tastes and preferences, we think that there will be something for you here, with the top pick being Cuba Caracolillo, try our Café Bonte Milano beans – our closest match to this popular Cuban coffee! Start the year right: with a quality, rich, and satisfying coffee which will sustain you now, and keep you fighting fit until spring comes along.

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