Coffee & Chocolate – The Perfect Pair!

Pop into your local restaurant and the bartender will be sure to assist you in pairing a great glass of wine with your meal – Chardonnay, Shiraz or Merlot today! Sometimes all you are after is a good old cuppa, to sit down and enjoy. Now that’s where we spill the beans.

Added: 03rd July 2017

With our connoisseur experience in coffee, we feel the perfect match is chocolate, let’s face it they’re far from strangers. Both are fermented fruit and certainly, a must have in any café, restaurant or bar. The finest products come in small packages, it’s the same when it comes to coffee and chocolate – it’s all about the quality rather than the quantity. But there are very few people who know the full enjoyment of combining the freshest coffee beans with the richest cocoa.
Coffee and chocolate have similar characteristics, so it’s all about getting it right. White chocolate pairs well with milky coffees like Lattes and Cappuccinos. Flat white drinker? Well combined that with a milk chocolate bar. Whereas dark chocolates team up with full bodied coffees like Espressos and Americanos. However, all taste-buds are different so why not mix it up a bit and construct your own creation.
The ultimate combination of coffee and chocolate is the creation of the Mocha. It is hard to pin point exactly when the term Mocha originated from, but studies show it was due to the beans having a distinct chocolate taste. The options with Mochas are endless, be it a Monin Chocolate Syrup shot or a splash of Rich Hot Chocolate (or Liquid Gold as our fans call it)! To save you manual work, our range of coffee machines come fully programmed so your mocha can be prepared at the touch of a button.
The Clarkson University in New York has uncovered that the blend of caffeine and chocolate in a mocha is incredible for your brain, can decrease anxiety and increase your attention span with the possibility of enhancing your memory.
chocolate and raspberries
Take some time to find the perfect pair. If you’re as passionate about coffee as we are then why not arrange for a demo from one of our coffee consultants to taste our Mochas for real. Let the chocolate slowly melt on your tongue whilst taking a sip of coffee. Smell the aroma and enjoy the real experience that coffee and chocolate have to offer. Have a coffee and some chocs on us!
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