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Coffee Recycling – Liquidline Make the News!

Coffee Recycling – Liquidline Make the News!

At the beginning of March, ITV News East Anglia produced a feature about coffee recycling. Liquidline partner bio-bean are blazing a trail in the UK collecting waste coffee grounds from organisations large and small and transforming them into useful products like coffee logs, bio pellets and cosmetics.

Liquidline are passionate about sustainability and innovation so are happy to introduce many of our customers to bio-bean.  In creating a close partnership with bio-bean we know that the waste coffee grounds that are produced when our customers enjoy our coffee, are going on to become useful products and not go to landfill.

One such customer is The Moller Centre in Cambridge. Liquidline andThe Moller Centre have worked together on several sustainability initiatives during our partnership. We initially removed waste by installing a high volume filtered water machine, enabling Moller Centre branded water bottles to be refilled and eliminating waste. We then looked to consolidate suppliers for the coffee and consumable items we supply, moving to one bulk delivery a month, thus reducing carbon omissions.

The Moller Centre have more recently started working with bio-bean, who now collect their coffee waste for recycling. They have been recycling food waste for a number of years and were delighted to be able to separate out their coffee waste and have it recycled, feeling it adds another layer to what they are already doing.

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