Coffee-to-Go, Cashing in on Convenience

It is no secret that we lead busier lives than ever before. The majority of consumers are now expecting to encounter products and services which are able to address their fast-paced requirements. One prime example of this trend can be seen in the industry of on-the-go coffee.

It is estimated that this sector is worth more than £7.2 billion pounds in the United Kingdom alone and such figures are expected to increase into the future.  This is the very same reason why countless business owners are now taking advantage of commercial coffee stations which will provide a hot cup when needed the most.

The On-the-Spot Edge

The importance and demand of coffee within the modern world cannot be overstated, yet it is interesting to observe that less than 20 per cent of all food courts and retail centres offer such a user-friendly option. The biggest issue here is that retailers could be missing out on a massive windfall in terms of brand loyalty. Clients are more likely to return to a specific location if they know that doing so will save time. For example, customers who are aware that a food court serves basic morning foods as well as do-it-yourself coffee will tend to return as opposed to visiting two or more locations.
woman with takeaway coffee and phone

The Personal Touch

Many individuals enjoy the do-it-yourself nature of these modern coffee stations. As opposed to asking a clerk or barista for this beverage, the client can personalise his or her coffee to a much greater degree. No longer are milk and sugar the only options. It is now possible to choose from a variety of different blends and thus, even a slight increase in the price per cup can be justified.

A Reflection of the Retail Centre in Question

Modern coffee machines are designed in such a way as to enable them to stand out immediately after a client passes by; so they can also act as excellent selling points. This is critical from a point-of-sale (POS) perspective. Machines which are streamlined and professional will tend to reflect positively upon the store.
coffee shop using coffee to go
Other benefits that coffee-to-go machines offer / can include (but might not be limited to):
• Doors and legs that can be locked into place if desired.
• A unit that can be easily dismantled when necessary.
• Quick mechanisms to dispense coffee and cups.
• The use of high-quality materials and finishes.
Perhaps most importantly, the owner can choose to have his or her company branding placed upon the dispenser. This will have a positive reflection upon the business and it can be viewed as another type of passive marketing strategy.
These are some of the most important reasons why on-the-go coffee machines have enjoyed such a growing popularity in recent times. As they tend to pay for themselves, they offer an excellent return on investment. Convenience and customer loyalty should always enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. Thanks to the prevalence of these handy devices, this concept can quickly become a reality for any business owner.

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