Commercial Water Dispensers or Water Boilers?

With so many options available for water, it can be hard to know which machine would best suit your needs. Well, let Liquidline help! We’ve created this guide to allow you to understand which is the best water dispenser or water boiler for your requirements.

Mains Fed Dispensers

You’ll save time; cost and hassle with our environmentally friendly mains fed filtered water coolers. Easy to use and simple to maintain, the dispensers come with all the advantages of mains fed filtered water, including various water temperature options as standard.

If you’ve got restricted space, you won’t compromise on style with our range of countertop machines including the Classic and Elite models from Borg, and the Borg Sport water dispenser, which offers touch panel controls in a sturdy design. Our floor standing range includes the AA WFT6 drinking fountain, which guarantees a constant supply of freshly chilled water, and the Borg Unite, which features a fully lit dispensing area.

mains fed water machine installed

Bottled Water Coolers

For spaces where mains fed water is not an option, our bottle water coolers ensure you can have fresh, clean, chilled or hot water anytime – even when there’s no plumbing available. They are also great for an environmentally friendly alternative that’s user friendly and requires minimal upkeep. You could try our Oasis bottled cooler, that offers cool and cold or hot and cold options. Or if you want something a little more modenr and contemporary, the Fmax, is a state of the art cooler that benefits from a functional, reliable and modern design. You can also go even further to match the cooler to your space by further customising the machine with any one of eight changeable side panels.

bottled water cooler machine

Hot Water Boilers

Eradicate the need for a kettle and have access to filtered boiling water instantly with our range of hot water boilers. Proven to be time and cost effective, as well as saving wastage, you’ll benefit from our no delay and no fuss machines.

Ranging in volume capacities to suit your requirements, our range of hot water boilers range from between a five to 20-litre capacity, and also offer great benefits like instant draw offs. An example of one of these machines, the 20-litre capacity EcoBoiler T20 boasts an instant draw off of 60 mugs, as well as an Ecomode to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The EcoBoiler also comes in a wall-mounted model for when space is restricted, and boasts a precise water temperature control system.

ecoboiler water machine

Mains Fed High Capacity Dispensers

For larger volume requirements, our mains-fed high capacity dispensers will allow you to reduce waste and improve your environmental footprint. Offering still, sparkling or extra sparkling water, our machines also allow you to choose between chilled or ambient temperature options. Increase your green credentials by reducing bottled water usage – you can even go so far as to create your own custom branded glass bottles to really smarten up your workplace.

The award-winning Wave Fizz 60 machine has the capacity to deliver up to 18 litres of chilled, ambient or sparkling water and an output of 60-litres per hour. Featuring added benefits such as an LCD touch screen and dispense portion control, the machine is has also been designed to be energy saving. For smaller spaces, the Wave Box combines the build qualities of the Wave Fizz into a compact under counter unit with a range of stylish countertop dispensers. Available in a wood or stainless steel finish, the freestanding Fontemagna model is the ultimate stylish solution, offering still and sparkling water at an output of 80-litres per hour.

Wave water machine example

Billi Water Dispensers

We’re proud stockists of Billi’s range of hot and cold drinking water systems. Celebrated for timeless styling and space-saving design, Billi’s dispensers are both energy and water efficient. Featuring cutting edge technology, all Billi machines are designed to meet green building requirements, disability access needs and ergonomic design imperatives.

The Quadra range is designed specifically for commercial use, and we stock a variety of models to suit small or large volume requirements – whether you have 12 or 100 users. The Quadra Compact is perfect for small businesses and features a small underbench installation and an array of user-friendly functions, including safety switch and LCD display. For the larger workplace, the Billi Quadra 460 serves up to 60 users in a modern customisable design. Choose from bright chrome, satin chrome and black sapphire chrome for your desired finish.

Hot and Cold Water tap installed

Are you any closer to choosing your machine?

We hope our guide has given you a small taste of the variety of machines on offer. The machines mentioned in this guide are just a small selection of our offering – to see the full range click here to request a brochure or to browse online.

We can help you each step of the way, providing training and installation as well as being expertly trained in servicing and upgrading your machine. Contact us today for expert, friendly advice from our sales team, who are happy to guide you through any questions or requirements.

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