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Two scorching bank holiday weekends in one month have left most of us Brits bewildered at the realisation of this British fantasy, and almost thankful for the torrential rain that has poured down on us since. Still, we’re more than happy that the weather is set to pick up again and it looks like we have many more days of sunshine to enjoy over the next week or two.

Added: 05th June 2018

For some of us, the hot weather means a change in our coffee habits, as embracing a hot cup whilst sitting under the warmth of the sun isn’t quite as comforting as the wintertime equivalent. Thankfully the coffee industry has come up with creative solutions to cater for our summer coffee needs by introducing a variety of cold coffees. Here we outline just a few of our favourites.




The frappe has its origins in Greece but has made its way around the globe, undergoing relative adaptations on its travels. The original Greek version is made using instant coffee, sugar and cold water and is shaken together over ice. Adaptations have been created using milk in place of water (often evaporated milk), and outside of Greece espresso is usually used instead of instant coffee.

Aside from various adaptations, many coffee shops have begun to use the word ‘frappe’ for blended ice drinks which are quite different from the Greek frappe. Not only do they use espresso and milk, but rather than being shaken all ingredients are blended together in a machine, and often extra flavours are added in the form of syrups. Whilst not a traditional frappe, these are still delicious on a hot summer’s day!


Nitro Cold Brew


The newest drink to appear on the cold coffee scene, nitro cold brew is unique in its concept, texture, flavour and caffeine content! This latest trend comes straight from the tap and it can be greatly satisfying to watch it settle in your glass.

Nitro cold brew gets its name from the process by which it is created; the coffee is brewed slowly at a low temperature which gives the drink its lightness. It is then infused with nitrogen through a pressurised valve which makes for a smooth and creamy texture which has often been compared to a pint of Guinness.

Iced Coffee


Iced coffee is exactly what it says on the tin. It can be made using pretty much any type of coffee, so whether your normal order is a latte or an americano, ask for an iced version and you will simply get that same drink only chilled, since it is poured over ice. This makes for a refreshing summer drink, and if you fancy getting creative you can add flavours by using syrups to make your drink a little sweeter.



Coffee Popsicles!


The wild card of our suggestions, you’re unlikely to find coffee popsicles on offer in your local coffee shop, but they can be great fun to make at home. Simply follow the same process you probably used for making the orange juice equivalent as a child; make a cafetière of coffee and allow it to cool before you pour it into lolly moulds and place in the freezer. Then wait with that great sense of childhood anticipation.

Like some of our other cold coffee suggestions, this is fairly flexible; you can add milk or stick to black coffee, enhance the flavour using syrups or even throw in a few of your own additions; as long as it’ll freeze well, why not give it a go!? Whilst not strictly speaking a coffee drink, these can make for a refreshing treat in the afternoon sunshine.

Whatever your coffee preferences, there is almost definitely a way to enjoy it cold, which can provide the caffeine you need whilst cooling you down in this warm weather; whether that’s to help you through a long day at work or just to sip away at as you lounge in the garden.