Eco-Roast Technology as the New Way Forward

There is no doubt that Eco-roast technology is the future of coffee. It is the ultimate, green-sourced alternative. The way it works is simple. It is known as the Coffe-Eco system. It provides suppliers, roasters, customers and consumers with the perfect environmental solution.

All it takes is a great passion for coffee and sustainability, and united together, we can create a better future. Everyone is getting involved, why not join in?

Rising figures show that over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year, over 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste goes to landfill and from this, 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are produced, just in the UK.

Eco-Roast technology is the solution to this. Whether you are a individual who enjoys delicious coffee, or a large company, that is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, we can all contribute to help save the planet.

How it Works

Eco-roast technology can reduce carbon emissions by 10%, and make substantial reductions to the amount of packaging you use, and dispose of. If you want to be recognised as the brand that is getting involved, in helping to have a better environmental impact in 2019, then eco-roast technology is, without question, the new way forward.

This type of technology allows you to harness valuable energy to produce endless batches of fresh coffee for everyone to enjoy, without harming the environment.

The EcoRoast Cycle

The EcoRoast Cycle Graphic

It starts with the eco-roasting of fresh coffee, which is then packed into biodegradable bags, that is packaged, labelled and delivered.

Once received and the coffee has been consumed, the customer will use environmentally-friendly bags to store all coffee waste ready for collection.

It is then processed and fueled using secondary heat, from the eco-roast process, and used to roast new batches.

Together, lets change how the world consumes coffee. Check out our guide to Eco-roast technology here. You can also find our Eco-roast blends ready to purchase on our website.

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