Efficient Ways to Clean your Liquidline Bean to Cup Machine

Here at Liquidline, we want to save you time and money, by providing you with advice and tips on how to maintain your machine, hassle free. Avoid those costly call out fees. If you love coffee as much as we do, then you’ll find this article extra helpful!

How do I clean my Machine?

commercial coffee machine cleaning checklist

First of all, we recommend that you clean your machine regularly – weekly, not monthly, to prevent any harmful bacteria from seeping in. This may involve some manual labor, including the cleaning of the filter to prevent it from building up with residue.

  1. With our one touch milk cleaning technology in models such as the CafeTouch 3600, the whole cleaning process is made even easier.
  2. Descaling your machine once a month is highly recommended. How do you do this? You’ll need some Jura or Bravilor Descaling cleaner.
  3. If required, remove and clean frothing units and valves following our manufacturer guidelines.
  4. Regular cleaning of your milk frothing system by removing and rinsing the pipe under hot, soapy water for no longer than 10 minutes, to loosen any milk residue. Then, reassemble the parts and rinse thoroughly.
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