Five Reasons to Train Your Baristas

Barista training is crucial for the success of any coffee shop. Encouraging your baristas to expand their knowledge and attend workshops, competitions and barista training events will set them up to be the best at their role in your company.

Training your baristas is not just essential for the financial success of your business, but also for your company brand. If your baristas are highly skilled they will be better acquainted at approaching your customers in a friendly manner and going above and beyond to impress and leave a lasting impression on them. Some of the best baristas in the world strike conversations with their customers, and leave them feeling satisfied, not just with their coffee, but with the service they have been provided.

What Training Do Your Baristas Need?

Training is essentially the ability to transfer your knowledge onto someone else. Training is essential for a career in coffee, and is a skill that has to be learned. The more knowledge everyone has in the industry, the better everyone can perform. For roasters and coffee buyers, training is crucial for choosing the best coffee in the world, mixing them wisely and roasting them in the correct way to enhance flavours and aromas. This is a similar case when it comes to training a barista. They need to be well accustomed in knowing how to brew exceptional coffee to high standards, cleaning and maintaining coffee equipment and providing exceptional customer service.

Further knowledge about the product they are serving including the impact of different coffee varieties, elevation, processing methods, roast profiles and more is also useful. In terms of training, practice makes perfect. Giving your baristas a space to practice their coffee-making skills is essential for training. Repeating different processes until they have perfected their technique and learned from their mistakes, is also required, in order to become a successful barista. This may involve practising latte art over and over again, milk pouring, and coffee grinding. You will also need to show your baristas the equipment they will be using and instructing them how to use it, clean and maintain it after every cup. Barista training requires time, patience and practice but with the right training opportunities, they will soon become the barista of your dreams.

So now we know the driving forces behind training your baristas, for your business, let’s look at other factors that will influence your decision to train them. Here are five reasons you should be training your baristas professionally.

1. Training Helps Build Confidence

Anyone can become a professionally trained barista if given the right skills, knowledge and assistance. If your barista has the know-how to make quality beverages, they will have more confidence behind the bar. They will make drinks faster, waste less coffee/milk and produce better tasting drinks. Confident baristas will be much happier and have a constant smile on their face when it comes to serving customers and being supportive of their colleagues.

2. Well-Trained Baristas are Efficient Baristas

If your baristas have been well-trained and prepared for busy, fast-paced environments then they will be more than ready to face those lunchtime queues of people waiting for their afternoon caffeine fix. They will also be quick when it comes to serving each customer efficiently and without feeling flustered or under pressure. If they are well-trained, they are more likely to thrive on the pressure and get into the swing of making drinks quickly. When it comes to training your barista, be sure to sit with them first and plan out their career journey and personal goals, to consider the best training to suit their needs. Make sure you give them the opportunity to grow within the company and provide them with all the essential skills they need to achieve their goals and feel content in their role.

3. Higher Employee Satisfaction

A barista that has been fully prepared for their future role and career in the coffee industry will be happier in themselves, more confident of the personal goals they wish to aspire to, and truly satisfied with their job in your company. Motivating staff members is key to a profitable and well-respected business. High levels of employee satisfaction result in greater productivity. Your baristas will feel like their job is an enjoyable experience rather than a chore, and are likely to put 110% into their role everyday. Not just serving coffee, put putting a smile on their customers and working colleagues faces, knowing that their role serves a valid purpose and is not taken for granted.

4. Training Prepares Your Baristas For Worldwide Barista Competitions

Training your baristas could put them in a better position to apply for barista competitions and events held all over the country. Barista competitions are aimed at those wanting to take their career a step further and display their skills in front of members of the public, other baristas and a judging panel. Your baristas could become world famous and recognised for their outstanding barista skills, leaving them feeling on top of the world!

There are many hands-on courses available for baristas that are designed to help learn the coffee growing process, packaging, espresso, setting up coffee grinders, milk steaming and speciality drink making. Barista courses are ideal for anyone who have just started out  and know nothing about coffee except how to drink it, but also for baristas who have been making coffee for a while and never had training.

5. Better Quality and Customer Satisfaction Rates

The difference between a poorly-trained barista and a well-trained barista can strongly impact your company brand. Coffee that is prepared in a skilful manner will leave your customers feeling satisfied and likely to return to you again and again. Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with quality and the key to quality is good training. Coffee shops and roasters that rely on repeat business will be keen on baristas that can invoke better customer satisfaction rates. Every new customer represents an investment in marketing.

The same office workers will walk past the same coffee shop every morning. The same shoppers will meet for coffee with friends on weekends, and students who are used to working in a coffee shop will also likely return, if provided with exceptional customer service.

Now you know the reasons for training up your baristas, we hope you can put our advice into practice and find yourself with a professionally trained barista before you know it!

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