Five Ways To Improve Workplace Wellness

The start of a new year is always a time of reflection, and of seeking new ways of motivating your employees in the workplace. We have a few tips to offer you on how to improve health and wellbeing in your work environment.

Help boost your engagement with staff and increase productivity levels. With a healthy and happy workforce you can reduce costs and numbers of unplanned sickness days.

The World Health Organisation describes wellbeing as “An individual’s experience of their life, as well as a comparison of life circumstances, with social norms and values.”
In order to improve workplace wellness, it is important to focus on these five key factors:

Flexible Working

Provide a flexible working set-up for your employees based on individual needs. Encourage fresh new creativity with innovative collaboration spaces. Design a new area in the office with sofas, tables, bookshelves etc, for people to gather round, taking them away from the screen for a short period of time.

Offer flexible working hours to your employees. Or one day of remote working each week.

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Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle

Promote a healthier lifestyle balance at work, including walk to work schemes, gym membership offers, and lunch walks, or group events. Promoting healthy eating at work, ordering lunches in, rather than snacking during the day.

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Work Smarter

The most productive of employees are the ones who are encouraged to take regular breaks, to maintain focus when working and work for short periods at a time.

coffee break with an office coffee

Emotional Wellness and De-stressing Techniques

Why not try some mindfulness training at work? Or encourage your employees to volunteer for a local community organisation. Send out an inspirational quote for the day via email, or write it up on the board for your morning meeting. Implement your own mindfulness training or yoga session at work.

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Offer Incentive Based Trips or Events

The more incentives you offer your employees, the better. Whether it is a team outing for Go Karting, or a morning offering of a full-English Breakfast, you can’t go wrong. This method is guaranteed to make your employees feel valued and respected.
Regularly scheduled incentives, can boost morale, and offer up equal opportunities for team building, and promoting togetherness as part of your company brand.

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