Flavia Creation 400 Drinks Machine

People work better and achieve more when they are alert and well-hydrated, and give their very best when they feel they are appreciated by their company. A budget-conscious and easy way to ensure that your workers and visitors can access coffee shop quality drinks quickly and easily is to install a Flavia Creation 400 drinks machine.

The Flavia Creation 400 leads the industry for reliability, requiring a service only every 18 months on average, and its compact yet stylish design means you can install it either under, or on, any worktop. All you need is a power point; the water tank can be hand-filled, so there is no need for plumbing. Naturally, we will deliver and install the Flavia Creation 400 free of charge, and make sure you have any product training you may need. We will also support you with on-demand servicing should you require.

The Flavia Creation 400 is very economical to run; quick to start up, it is ready to serve delicious coffee, tea and chocolate drinks only a few minutes after being switched on. The Creation 400 heats just enough water for a few drinks at a time, and it has an environmentally-friendly, energy-saving standby mode. It is ready to spring into action as soon as you have made your choice; your drink will be ready within 40-60 seconds, with no mess, and no cleaning up to do.

Easy to use with a large LCD screen (which displays picture and text instructions) and three simple steps to your perfect drink: choose your option, insert your pod into the machine, and enjoy! The 25 drink choices mean that everyone will be happy. With our two pack technology, you can opt for specialities such as our Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Americano and Espresso style coffees.

All the flavour and freshness of the finest quality Flavia Alterra coffeesBright Tea Co teas and delicious Galaxy hot chocolate are sealed into our Fresh Pack drink pods. The pods are unsealed only when they come into contact with water at the correct temperature, which ensures the cleanest, freshest taste for all your drinks. The ingredients are sourced from Rainforest Alliance FairTrade producers wherever possible.

Should you wish to charge for drinks, you can opt for the PayPod/Coin Operated module; this allows you to charge one price for standard drinks, and a higher price for specialities. Tokens are also available, which you can give people to use for free drinks.

Offering a superb choice of the finest coffee shop style drinks, at the best possible price, the Flavia Creation 400 is an excellent choice for your workplace.

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