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Four Reasons To Improve Your Office Coffee

Four Reasons To Improve Your Office Coffee

Coffee is a hot topic at the moment, especially in the workplace. It can boost morale and lead to higher productivity levels. Coffee, according to the British Coffee Association, is “the most popular drink worldwide with around two billion cups consumed every day” and as an industry, “creates over 210,000 UK jobs.”


Drinking coffee, is without question an essential part of any working day. Even if you aren’t a massive fan of coffee, there are always alternatives including herbal teas, smoothies, or flavoured juice.

Having a coffee, water or juice machine contributes to good office culture and a positive working environment.

1. Coffee offers physical, mental and emotional benefits

Coffee consumption in the office reaps benefits for employees, including increased alertness, willingness to learn, and feeling more energetic. Aside from the physical benefits though, coffee can also improve our mood, especially in the mornings. It helps to reduce the effects of sleep inertia, which is characterised as a decline in motor dexterity and a subjective feeling of tiredness immediately following an abrupt awakening.

Drinking coffee also triggers multi-sensory experiences, when it comes to taste, sense and smell and can evoke thoughts and emotions, stemming from previous experiences and memories. Many studies have linked coffee with health benefits including lower risk of strokes Parkinson’s disease, reduced risk of heart failure and decreased chances of Type 2 diabetes.

In terms of physical benefits, coffee improves physical performance during both endurance and high intensity exercise, and is connected with reductions in muscular pain. This is linked to changes in mood and alertness, following the effects of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control and regulate emotional responses.

2. Boost creativity and social engagement levels

Working effectively together in collaborative spaces, is equally reinforced by providing great coffee and beverage solutions in the workplace, rather than having to take a trip to the local supermarket, or nearest coffee shop.

Encourage your employees to spend more time in their working environment, by enticing them with good coffee and place to relax. With a coffee machine, you can create the comfort and relaxing vibe of a coffee shop. It spurs individuals on to socialise and communicate with others they may not of otherwise interacted with.

Your employees are more likely to engage in problem-solving, which can promote a stronger feeling of teamwork, when they are provided with all the ultimate caffeine kick. Coffee, acts as a stimulant which boosts mental performance, increases energy and concentration levels, and is high in antioxidants and nutrients. As a result, it means employees are more engaged, productive and energised, which will, in turn help your business thrive.

employees on their coffee break

3. A great way of welcoming newcomers

One of the many benefits of offering coffee at work is leaving a lasting impression on your staff, customers or clients. Any newcomers too, will be delighted with you, when you offer them a speciality latte, or freshly brewed tea. It is a great way of establishing positive relationships.

Having coffee in-house allows for spontaneous naturally occuring breaks, without having to leave the building. If you are looking for coffee for your workplace, then view our range of highly innovative coffee machines. Office coffee is the ultimate provider of happiness, and makes people feel welcomed, valued and respected. It is a worthy investment to make.


4. Better tasting coffee results

No more boiling the kettle, and risks of spilling boiling water, and having to fill in the accident form again. Safety levels are immediately improved with a coffee vending machine. The machine does all the work for you, is time saving, and easy to use with self service functionality.

Barista-style coffee, from a machine, is roasted in such a way that it preserves flavours, is smoother, full-bodied and not bitter, like some traditional coffee offered in offices is. Changing where and how your coffee is sourced can make the world of difference, including whether it is Fairtrade and organic. Most common office coffee is however, usually over roasted and sourced in the cheapest way possible.

Liquidline coffee is Rainforest Certified and ethically sourced, meaning you get get better tasting coffee for your office environment. Check out our range of machines, and coffee beans and get in touch today.

Only Four Reasons?

This blog only covers 4 main reasons, but as you experience the taste and smell of the best coffees, you’ll love them. Let’s go on a Cafe Bonte Coffee journey together…

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