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Fruit Juice for a Healthier Working Day

Fruit Juice for a Healthier Working Day

The New Year generally sees many people making the usual resolutions – a lot of which will be related to improving health.

Everyone knows the benefits of eating healthily, keeping hydrated and getting the right vitamins. One way of achieving all three in one easy hit is by increasing your daily intake of fruit juices.

Why fruit juice?

Fruit juices are a convenient way of taking in fluid and they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Most people will know that orange juice is full of Vitamin C, and just one glass per day can deliver the body’s total requirement of the vitamin. Juice is easy to prepare fresh at home but it is now easy to obtain from within your place of work!

orange and grapefruit slices

What do fruit juices contain? 

As well as vitamins, many juices are also a good source of potassium (an essential ingredient in helping to maintain healthy blood pressure) and folic acid (essential for women during pregnancy and also has the benefit of being good for the heart of both men and women.) Fruit juices also contain antioxidant that kill free radicals, associated with the ageing process and cancer.
The healthy ingredients of fruit juices promote health and give the immune system a handy seasonal boost, helping to ward off illness and aid recovery from sickness.
freshly sliced oranges for juice machines

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Taking steps to enjoy a healthier way of life need not be a big effort. Drinking fruit juices instead of soft drinks, that extra cup of tea or hot chocolate will add essential healthy ingredients to a daily diet as well as reduce the amount of time necessary to prepare them.

red and yellow apples

Employers can help!

Water coolers and water dispensers are a common site in most reception areas and office environments, so now is a good time to add or upgrade to a juice dispensers. One such machine is the Juicetouch, which will dispense no less than eleven different kinds of juice and is controlled via a touchscreen – so it looks good too!

Employers wishing to take positive action to promote a healthy lifestyle by making fresh juice freely and continually available can choose to install such machines as the Juicetouch.

Doing so will demonstrate a commitment to helping employees take better care of themselves and goes beyond the usual provision of just water and hot drink making facilities. The installation of juice dispensing machines is not complex and the maintenance is minimal. Not only that, the benefits will easily offset the cost incurred.

In a very real sense, employers who install juice dispensing machines will be rewarding their employees – and visitors – with free healthy drink options as well as saving the time take to make a drink. So in theory everyone wins!


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