Guide to Buying a Used or Refurbished Commercial Coffee Machine

If you’re on a budget, but still want the quality of a premium commercial coffee machine, then purchasing a used or refurbished model could be the best solution for achieving significant savings.

Reasons to Consider a Second Hand Coffee Machine

Many businesses overlook the option of buying a second-hand coffee machine for fear that it won’t have the longevity or reliability of a new machine. In reality, coffee machines are built to be extremely durable and hard-wearing, with a much longer lifespan than other commercial catering appliances. General wear and tear tend to have very little effect on the core functionality of the machine, and in most cases, a refurbished or reconditioned coffee machine will work just as well as a new one.

The biggest benefit of choosing a second-hand coffee machine is that you can get a lot more for your money when compared to purchasing or leasing a new machine. When on a budget, buying second-hand means you can afford to invest in a much better quality machine, with more additional features and technologies, instead of a more basic model. Furthermore, investing in a used commercial coffee machine is much better in terms of sustainability than purchasing a new machine.

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What Does it Mean if a Coffee Machine is Refurbished or Reconditioned?

A refurbished or reconditioned coffee machine is essentially a machine that has been leased or rented out previously and has been overhauled by an engineer to give it a new lease of life before going on to a new home. 

The used machines are usually taken apart, all elements tested and any faulty or worn parts replaced, before being resprayed to look as good as new.

Things to Consider when Buying a Used Coffee Machine

Who is Selling the Machine?

It’s really important to purchase your second-hand coffee machine from a reputable reseller. Whilst it may be tempting to grab a bargain from Gumtree or eBay, there is little to no protection when purchasing from these platforms, and if you get back to HQ and the machine doesn’t work, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

How Old is the Machine?

If you’re purchasing a used machine that hasn’t been refurbished, then the next thing to consider is the age of the machine. Traditional espresso machines have an incredible shelf life, and with a good service and maintenance history they can continue serving espresso-based beverages for well over a decade. Instant, filter and bean to cup coffee machines tend to have a lifespan of between 5-7 years depending on the make and model, though again it really varies depending on how well the machine has been looked after. Cleaning, servicing and descaling are all extremely influential in the lifespan of a used coffee maker, especially in hard water areas.

Has the Machine Been Rebuilt or Refurbished?

In many ways, a rebuilt or refurbished machine is probably the best solution when purchasing a used coffee machine, as it ensures any faulty parts or parts that may be likely to fail are replaced before the machine is resold. 

As with any purchase though, it’s useful to have a good idea of exactly what you’re buying, what work has been done and by whom. You want to ensure a factory-trained technician has completed the repairs and that the new parts have been sourced responsibly. Many modern bean to cup coffee machines come with sophisticated software, so it’s also important to check that this has been properly updated too.

Does the Machine Come with a Warranty?

Most reputable used coffee machine suppliers will offer some form of warranty when you purchase a reconditioned coffee machine. Whilst warranty periods for second-hand coffee equipment are often shorter than a new commercial coffee machine, it will certainly give you enough time to establish the machine is properly working.

Buying a Second Hand Coffee Machine from Liquidline

At Liquidline we primarily sell new commercial coffee machines on a lease hire basis, meaning our clients pay a fixed monthly amount for 3 to 5 years. When a client’s lease comes to an end they often choose to upgrade to the latest model, in which case the used machine is returned. 

When returned to Liquidline the used machines are taken to our state of the art workshop where our team of experienced technicians review and recondition them. We categorise our refurbished machines into two separate categories ‘Refurbished’ and ‘As New’ – depending on the level of repairs that have been completed on them.

A ‘Refurbished Coffee Machine’ is a used machine where we have changed any badly damaged parts, as well as those most likely to fail. We then tidy it up, clean and sanitise the machine and respray any badly damaged external components.

An’ As New’ Coffee Machine will have been totally overhauled. A large amount of the internal moving parts will have been replaced, the whole machine will have been resprayed and external features such as drip trays and grout bins will also have been replaced. The idea is that the machine is in virtually the same condition as one that has just left the factory. 

Whether you choose a ‘Refurbished’ or ‘As New’ machine,  before any machine is offered for resale, it is inspected and final tests performed to ensure it’s in top working condition. Like all our machines you’ll benefit from free delivery, installation and onsite training, plus all our reconditioned machines come with a warranty of between 1 and  3 years, depending on the machine. 

Browse our current range of reconditioned coffee machines or speak to our team today for expert advice on the best-used coffee machine for your business.