How a Commercial Coffee Machine Can Save you Money

There are lots of advantages to having a commercial coffee machine in your workplace. The simple gesture makes employees feel valued, creates a great office culture, impresses your clients and even reduces stress amongst your team. 

Some business owners though see a commercial coffee machine as just another business expense, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Investing in a commercial coffee machine for your workplace could actually save you money, as we outline in the article below.

Reduced Utility Costs

If you’re currently using a kettle in the workplace to prepare coffee, the energy savings from switching to a commercial coffee machine can be vast.

Boiling a kettle uses approximately 2.5p each time. If the average worker does this 3 times a day then that’s 7.5p per day. In contrast, a bean to cup coffee machine can produce 7 delicious espressos for approximately 1.5p – meaning it costs just over half a pence to provide the same amount of coffee per person per day.  If you have 50 staff then this saving equates to over £800 per year.

Tax Savings

Rented or leased coffee machines are a 100% tax-allowable expense, so you can offset them against your pre-tax profit and reduce your tax bill. If you’re VAT registered you can also claim back the VAT on your lease.

Save on Consumables

You’ll need more than just coffee beans to keep your machine running and your team refreshed. From powdered milk and chocolate powder, to sugar and sweetener, stirrers, cups and cleaners, Liquidline has everything you need to serve delicious beverages. Ordering from a single supplier and in bulk has tangible cost benefits, but it can also save your team time as they only have to deal with one supplier, one ordering system and one invoice for all refreshments.

Using a commercial coffee machine also helps to reduce wastage, as the machine precisely measures the correct amount of coffee, milk or chocolate powder for each drink, meaning it only uses what it needs.

Improved Productivity

When it comes to business, time means money. A full kettle takes on average 3 ½ minutes to boil. That may not sound like much, but when you consider coffee drinkers consume 3 cups per day, this equates to over 10 minutes per day just waiting around for the kettle to boil. That’s 50 minutes over a 5-day week and 39 hours over the year – equivalent to a whole working week lost for just a single employee.

Commercial coffee machines are designed to be quick and convenient. A bean to cup coffee machine for example will grind, tamper and brew coffee, automatically, in a matter of seconds. 

Being fast doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality either, with many models producing the top-quality speciality drinks you’d usually find in a coffee shop. 

Furthermore, happy staff are generally productive staff, and studies have shown that fantastic quality, complimentary refreshments play a large part in creating a happier workforce.

Free Service & Maintenance

If you choose to purchase your consumables from Liquiline, you will receive free maintenance and servicing on your new machine, eliminating the need to pay for repairs should you experience a fault, or even replacing your equipment should the machine be beyond repair.

Reduce Client Expenses

With access to barista-quality coffee in the office, there’s no need to take your clients out to a hotel, restaurant or coffee shop when you meet. Inviting clients to the office is also a great way to build relationships, introducing them to your team members and letting them absorb the values and ethos of your workplace. 

Show your team some love and start saving today with a commercial coffee machine from Liquidline. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who will help you select the best value machine and consumables for your workplace.