How Commercial Coffee Machine Leases Work

There are three ways to source a coffee machine for your business; leasing, rental and purchase.

Both coffee machine leasing and rental involve monthly payments for a fixed period of time from as little as a year to as many as five years. By spreading the lease over a longer duration means lower monthly costs, but you will pay more overall. Renting works in the same way, however leasing a coffee machine offers a significant advantage over rental, which is that at the end of the lease you can keep the machine outright.

The best coffee machines to lease are bean to cup commercial coffee machines, espresso machines and filter coffee machine. You will have various makes and models to choose from depending on your requirements.

Are you interested in leasing your commercial coffee machine?

There are many reasons you may want to lease out your coffee machine, including to rent the upfront cost of the machine, to a maintenance plan which covers parts cost and to help you grow your business faster.  It will also be a good move to make if you want to impress your clients with a smarter and more professional coffee service.

As well as the machine, you will often get barista kits, knockout drawers, water filters and other additional equipment included with the lease, plus at least a year’s free servicing, covering labour and parts. You will even get free barista training to use your new machine.

With leasing, you will be required to make regular payments on a monthly basis. By leasing a coffee machine will guarantee to improve your employee or customer experience, by offering them facilities to enjoy a good quality cup of coffee during each working day. You can also enjoy tax benefits, which will help with budgeting and cash flow, protect payments and carry a fixed rate of interest.

Who Can Lease Commercial Coffee Machines?

Leases are restricted to companies that are well established, so you will need to have an impressive credit score and have been trading for at least 3 years. If you have a poor credit score, you are at risk of being rejected, unless you a director’s guarantor.

Commercial coffee machine leases are 100% tax deductible whereas outright machine purchases are not. Choosing a shorter lease means higher monthly payments, but with the advantage of ending the lease sooner, or the option or extend the lease. Leasing a coffee machine is just like buying a machine outright, except you get to test the machine first, which is especially handy for new coffee shops who don’t yet know what coffee take-up with their customers will be.

What Happens at the End of the Lease?

Once your lease term is up, a standard contract will continue on a rental basis. Or you have the option to pay a final fee of £150 per machine and essentially own the machine outright. Alternatively, you can get £250 off a new machine by trading in your old one. The advantage of this is that you can upgrade your machine and take out a new lease.

By the end of a lease, the machine could be yours and you could have a machine for life to provide a happier experience for your customers or employee workforce.

Interested in leasing a new coffee machine?

Book a demo session at one of our showrooms with us, and you can experience the coffee and compare each machine.

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