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How investing in a self service machine can transform your workplace

How investing in a self service machine can transform your workplace

Long gone are the days of a kettle in the staff kitchen. As workplaces develop and change with the times, so does your coffee. A decent bean to cup or commercial coffee machine can provide your office with coffee on demand. Meaning you can create beautiful frothy lattes, or cappuccinos any time of day.

A self-service coffee machine can truly transform any workplace environment. Investing in a coffee machine is a successful way of managing how you greet your staff and customers. It isn’t just about having coffee, but providing premium quality coffee, free of charge to your employees, for them to enjoy all day long, without the hassle of going elsewhere.

Coffee is a core part of the working day, but is more effective when it comes from a professional machine, and not from the kettle. Investing in a self service machine therefore provides the ultimate solution to this. On average, every coffee lover consumers between 2 to 4 cups a day. A commercial coffee machine resolves the issue of having to waste time several kettle’s of boiling water later, by pushing a button, and having a coffee ready in seconds. Having a machine also expands horizons. Fed up of having black coffee all day long? You will have a wider range of drinks to serve, including cappuccinos, mochas and macchiatos.

Coffee Machines are Aesthetically Pleasing

We are not lying when we say that coffee machines are pretty to look at, because they are! Especially when you invest in a new machine, that blends in, looks sleek and provides great tasting coffee. We say, that the convenience of having a coffee machine is hard to beat.They have all the gadgets you could ever wish for, as well as having digital screens where you can promote your own marketing brand, or message for your staff. You can even upload engaging videos, to entertain your employees on the move.

Strategic coffee machines can improve communication, accelerate decision making and boost creativity levels. A state of the art machine is all you need to make the dream of premium coffee become a reality.

Impressive Digital Technology Functions

Many coffee machines in the present day have impressive functional abilities, from digital displays, and analytical data to show your ingredients usage, as well as cleaning and maintenance programmes which all offer total transparency in terms of how much coffee is being consumed and if the machine is being cared for.

They also allow you to create and customise your own drink’s programmes, and to opt in eco-saving mode to reduce energy consumption. The options are endless and it is no wonder everyone is so excited about self serving machines in the workplace.

Improving Coffee in the Office

A coffee machine keeps energy levels high and should be available at all times. It is a way of showing your employees just how much you care about them. A simple gesture like getting a coffee machine for the workplace can go a long way to making people happier and more productive. It can also encourage new ways of learning, for example, learning latte art or hosting Barista competitions.

Having good coffee that your employees can serve themselves, without needing to go elsewhere during their working hours, is essential for providing a service that stands out from the rest. Having a commercial machine contributes to good office culture and an all-round positive work environment. It also boosts productivity levels. With coffee on tap, your employees no longer have the excuse of having to pop out to get an extra caffeine hit, or complain that they are board of the same old cup of coffee, without variety or flavour.

According to a survey conducted by Staples employees, one in four workers would give up their vacation to keep their daily cup of coffee. Coffee even rivals our reliance on technology, including our phones. Over 59% cups of coffee consumed daily are considered gourmet according to the National Coffee Association. This includes premium whole beans or ground coffee, cold brew and espresso-based beverages including latte, espresso and macchiato.

It also gives you the chance to offer a premium coffee alternative to your visitors to leave a lasting impression on them.

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Promoting Sustainability with Better Coffee

Sustainability is another reason to upgrade your coffee services in the office. You can for example, promote having your own ethically sustainable coffee cups for the workplace, to serve your coffee in, and eliminate single use plastic. Choosing better coffee, means you can help the environment. Encourage your staff to bring in their own mugs, or invest in branded ones for your business.

Coffee is the future of modern workplaces. Premium coffee should no longer be reserved for executive or VIP lounges but should be offered in all areas of the workplace. Coffee is your greatest weapon, all you need to do is find the right coffee machine to suit your business needs and you’ll be ready to go.

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