How to Add Extra Flavour to your Next Coffee

You don’t have to be a professionally qualified barista to make coffee that isn’t just simply a black coffee, or a coffee with milk. If you are lucky to have a working coffee machine in your office then there are many different drink combinations you can try.

We have found the most pioneering of ways to create great tasting coffee without too much effort. To transform the everyday coffee into something extraordinary. We all know you can add sweeteners and creamers to your coffee. But, have you ever tried to expand your horizons by adding other flavours and spices? Here are ways to perfect your coffee and add to the vintage coffee vibe!

Add Syrups

Flavoured syrups are a great addition to any coffee. From cinnamon to vanilla, there is no limit to how eccentric you want to be. Cinnamon is a worthy spice to try and has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any spice on the planet and has been shown to boost your immune system. It also tastes great. Alternatively, you can try adding a dash of gingerbread syrup to your coffee, to get that bittersweet taste of ginger, to sweeten your day.

sweetbird syrups

Add Sprinkles

Chocolate sprinkles are every coffee lovers dream. Try sprinkling over some cocoa powder made from 100% cocoa bean. Cocoa powder is known for its rich, intense chocolate flavour but without the added sweetness found in processed chocolate. Grind cocoa beans along with your next coffee for an added layer of soothing flavour for your next coffee.

cappuccino in a mug with chocolate sprinkles

Add Lavender

That’s right, adding lavender to your coffee is a thing. It pairs best with a fruitier roast, giving it a bright and floral facelift and is to be enjoyed all-year round. Sprinkle some ground lavender before your brew, or add a couple of drops of lavender oil into your coffee once it is ready.

lavender mochas next to chocolate and lavender flowers

Add Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can infuse your coffee like never before, giving it a uniquely inviting flavour. It works best with a dark chocolate roasted coffee bean and can help soothe headaches and other pains. Mix a few drops with a freshly brewed cup of coffee to brighten your day.

peppermint mocha

Add Spices

If you want to be super cool you can even consider adding spices to your coffee. Try adding spices such as cardamon, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg which can be sprinkled directly over the fresh coffee grounds in your brew. As hot water from the machine is filtered through the grounds, the flavours of the spices will be extracted into your cup. Cinnamon is also a great alternative to sugar without the added calories. To make a spiced chai latte with a kick, add fresh ginger and cinnamon, or just cinnamon syrup and powder.

cinnamon latte with coffee beans

Add Coffee Ice Cubes

Wanting to get that cold coffee fix? Instead of pouring your old coffee down the drain, pour it into an ice tray and freeze. You can use them to add flavour to your coffee next time, without your coffee being watered down! You could even try pouring milk over your ice cubes for the taste of an iced latte for those summer months.

coffee ice cubes in a milkshake
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