How to be Eco-friendly in the Workplace

Are you thinking of going green in 2019? We have some top tips for you on how you can make going green a reality for the new year. Cut down on those carbon emissions.

Recycle Your Goods

If you are in the coffee industry, the most effective way of recycling your goods, is to steer clear of plastic and reuse your coffee grounds.

Use Environmentally Friendly Office Products

These include using 100% recyclable paper (or going completely paperless). In the digital age anything is possible – remember, you always have Google Drive, or Dropbox as a back-up. What else? You can also use non-toxic highlighters, re-fillable ink cartridges and paper cups.

If in doubt, add stickers to your recycling bins to make sure that your colleagues know what they can recycle.

paper notebook

Create a Go-Green Initiative

Make your workplace more environmentally friendly. Spice it up. Invest in some indoor plants. Create an indoor paradise. Or, if you can, encourage your employees to cycle or walk into work as often as they can. Make the most of natural daylight. Cut back on those electricity bills.

office plants

Invest in More Biodegradable Solutions

Anything from replacing the soap you use in the bathroom, to toilet tissue, or printing paper. If you are in the catering industry, then you may like to consider single-use packaging or disposable cutlery.

Bottom line is, there are so many ways to help save the environment. New Year, New You?

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